"Nachlässigkeit ist ein großer Feind"

(Jap. Sprichwort: "Yudan taiteki")



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Projektieren: Systemanalyse und -design
Projektarbeit: Programmieren
Projektarbeit: Software testen
Projektarbeit: Sichern der Qualitaet
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16CIF16 times Common Intermediate Format (Picture Format)
3GL3rd Generation Language (C/C++, Fortran, Cobol)
3PCC3rd Party Call Control
4CIF4 times Common Intermediate Format (Picture Format)
A-SITAustrian Security Information Technology center
A/Caccount current (Kontokorrent)
A/CLAir Cleaner
AAAmerican national standard code for information interchange (ASCII) Art
AAC LCAdvanced Audio Coding Low Complexity
AACAdvanced Activity Concept
AACAdvanced Audio Coder/Coding
AACAdvanced Audio Coding
AACApple Assistance Center
AACAutomatic Air Condition
AACAuxiliary Air Control
AACEAssociation for the Advancement of Computing in Education
AACPLUSAdvanced Audio Coding PLUS
AACRAnglo-American Cataloging Rules
AACSAdvanced Access Content System
AAICAccounting Authority Identification Code
AASPAmerican national standard code for information interchange (ASCII) Asynchronous Support Package
ABCActive Body Control
ABCAmerican Broeadcasting Company
ABCAnti-Beige Computer
ABCApplications of Broadband Communication
ABCAtanasoff-Berry Computer
ABCAuto Bill Calling
ABCAutomatic Brightness Control
ABCSAdvanced Business Communications via Satellite
ABDCAfter Bottom Death Center
ABHCAverage Busy Hour Calls
ABTSAmerican standard code for information interchange (ASCII) Block Terminal Services
AC bzw. A/CAir Condition o. Air Conditioner
AC-1Audio Coding 1
AC-2Audio Coding 2
AC-3Audio Coding 3
ACAccess Concentrator
ACAccess/Automatic Control
ACAdvanced Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS)
ACAdvisory Committee
ACAir Conditioning
ACAlternating Current
ACAnalogue Computer
ACApplication Context
ACArc Consistency
ACAudio Code/Codec
ACAuthentication Center
ACAuthentification Code
ACAuthority Center
ACAutomatic Computer
ACAApplication Control Architecture (DEC)
ACALSArchitecture Computer Aided Logistic Support
ACAPApplication Configuration Access Protocol
ACARBAustralian Computer Abuse Research Bureau
ACASApplication Control Architecture Services
ACATSAdvisory Committee on Advanced Television Systems
ACBAccess method Control Block
ACBAdapter Control Block
ACBApplication Control Block
ACBAutomatic Call Back
ACC2Adventure Concept Car
ACCAbnormal Condition Control
ACCActive Cylinder Control
ACCAdaptive Cruise Control
ACCApplication Control Code
ACCArea Communication Controller
ACCArea Control Computers
ACCAutomatic Congestion Control
ACCOLCACCess OverLoad Class
ACCSAutomated Calling Card Service
ACDActive Center Differential
ACDAutomated/Automatic Call Director/Distributor/Distribution
ACDAutomatic Call Distribution
ACDAutomotive Components Division
ACDIAsynchronous Communication Device Interface
ACDIAsynchronous Communications Device Interface
ACDPAustralian Committee on Data Processing
ACDSActive Control Data Set
ACEA Compact Evaluated Nuclear Data File
ACEASCII Compatible Encoding
ACEAccess Connection Element
ACEAccess Control Entry
ACEActive Cornering Enhancement
ACEAdditional Core Enhancements
ACEAdvanced Complementary metaloxyde semiconductor (CMOS) / Emitter coupled logic (ECL)
ACEAdvanced Computing Environment
ACEAdvanced Computing Environment (SCO)
ACEAdverse Channel Enhancement
ACEAdverse Channel Enhancements
ACEAmerican national standard code for information interchange (ASCII) Compatible Encoding
ACEAsynchronous Communication Element
ACEAutomatic Calling Equipment
ACEAutomatic Computing Engine
ACEAuxiliary Control Element
ACEpilot Automatic Computing Engine
ACEAAssociation de Constructeurs Europèens de l´Automobil
ACEAAssociation des Constructeurs Européens d´Automobiles
ACECAdvisory Committee on Electromagnetic Compatibility
ACELPAlgebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction
ACELPAlgebraic Code-Excited Linear Prediction
ACETAdvisory Committee on Electronics and Telecommunications
ACF/NCPAdvanced Communication Function for the Network Control Program
ACF/SSPAdvanced Communication Function / System Support Program
ACF/TCAMAdvanced Communication Function for the TeleCommunication Access Method
ACF/VTAMAdvanced Communication Function for the Virtual Telecommunication Access Method
ACF/VTAMEAdvanced Communication Function for the Virtual Telecommunication Access Method Entry
ACFAccess Control Field
ACFActivity Control File
ACFAdmission Confirmation
ACFAdvanced Communication Function
ACFAttribute Configuration File
ACFAutomated Cartridge Facility
ACFAutomobile Club de France
ACFAAdvanced Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) Frame Aligner
ACFCAddress and Control Field Compression
ACFMAlternating Current Frequency Modulation
ACGAAustrian Computer Graphics Association
ACGIHAmerican Conference of Governmental Industrial Hygienists
ACHAutomated Clearing House
ACHEMAAusstellung für Chemisches Apparatewesen
ACIAdvanced Chip Interconnection
ACIAdvanced Computing Initiative
ACIAmerican Computer Innovators
ACIAutomobile Club de Italia
ACIAAsynchronous Communication Interface Adapter
ACIAAsynchronous Communications Interface Adapter
ACIASAutomated Calibration Internal Analysis System
ACIASAutomated Calibration Interval Analysis System
ACIDAtomicity, Consistency, Isolation, Durability
ACISAmerican Committee for Interoperable Systems
ACKAmsterdam Compiler Kit
ACLAccess Control List
ACLAdvanced Complementary metal-oxide semiconductor (CMOS) Logic
ACLAdvanced Computing Laboratory
ACLAgent Communication Language
ACLApplication Connectivity Link
ACLApplication Control Language
ACLAssociation of Computational Linguistics
ACLAsynchronous ConnetionLess
ACLAutomatic Cartridge Loader
ACLAutomatic adjustable shock Controller
ACLUAmerican Civil Liberties Union, USA
ACMActive Control engine Mount
ACMAdress Complete Message
ACMAssociation for Computing Machinery, USA
ACMAssociation of Computing Machinery
ACMAudio Compression Manager
ACMAudio Compression Module
ACMEAssembling Configuration Management Environments
ACMSApplication Control Management System
ACNArea Code Number
ACNAutomatic Collision Notification
ACNSApplication and Content Networking Software
ACOAutomated Console Operation
ACONETAkademisches COmputer-NETzwerk
ACORDAutomotive Consortium on Recycling and Disposal
ACOSAdvisory Committee On Safety
ACPAccess Communication Processor
ACPAccess Control Proxy
ACPAncillary Control Program
ACPAutomated Command Processing
ACPAutomatic Channel Programming
ACPAutomobile Club de Portugal
ACPAuxiliary Control Process
ACPAuxillary Control Process
ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Interface
ACPIAdvanced Configuration and Power Management Interface
ACRAccess Control and Rater
ACRAdvanced Communication Riser
ACRAlternate Central processing unit (CPU) Recovery
ACRAmplified Common Rail
ACRAnonymous Call Rejection
ACRApplication Control Record
ACRAqueousphase Carbohydrate Reforming
ACRAttenuation to Crosstalk Ratio
ACREAuthorized program analysis report (APAR) Control Remote Entry
ACREAutomatic Call Recording Equipment
ACROSSAutomated Cargo Release and Operations Service System
ACSAccess Control Server/System
ACSAccount Control System
ACSAdaptive Control System
ACSAdvanced Communication System
ACSAldus Color File
ACSAmerican Chemical Society
ACSAnticipatory Crash Sensing
ACSAsynchronous Communication Server
ACSAutomatic Clutch System
ACSAutomobile Club de Suisse
ACSEAssociation Control Service Element/Entity
ACSKAdaptive Code Shift Keying
ACSnetAustralian Computer Science Network
ACTAdvanced Communication for Training
ACTAir Charge Temperature
ACTApplied Computerized Telephony (HP)
ACTAAmericas Carriers Telecommunication Association
ACTIAdvanced Computational Technology Initiative
ACTSAdvanced Communications Technologies and Services
ACTSAdvanced Communications Technology Satellite
ACTSAir Charge Temperature Sensor
ACTSAutomated Computer Time Service (NIST)
ACTVAdvanced Compatible Television
ACUAccess Control Unit
ACUAutomatic Calling Unit
ACVAir Control Valve
ADACAllgemeiner Deutscher Automobil Club
ADAICAda Information Clearinghouse
ADCAdaptive Data Compression
ADCAdd with Carry
ADCAnalogue to Digital Converter
ADCApple Developer Connection
ADCApple Display Connector
ADCApplication Development Classes
ADCAutomatic Damping Control
ADCAutomatic Distance Control
ADCAutomotive Development Centre
ADCCPAdvanced Data Communication Control Procedure
ADLCAdaptive Lossless Data Compression
ADPCMAdaptive Delta/Differential Pulse Code Modulation/Modulator
ADRCAdaptive Dynamic Range Coding
ADSCAddress Status Changed
AECArchitectural and Engineering Construction
AECArs Electronica Center
AECCAssociation for Emissions Control by Catalyst
AECGAdvanced Embedded Codes Gateway
AEECAirlines Engineering Electronics Committee
AFAuxiliary Carry Flag
AFAAssociation Française des Automobilistes
AFCAir Flow Control
AFCAlcaline Fuel Cell
AFCAlkaline Fuel Cell
AFCAutomatic Font Change
AFCAutomatic Frequency Control
AFCCUAdvanced Function Common Control Unit
AFDCAlternative Fuel Data Center
AFNICAssociation Francaise pour le Nommage Internet en Cooperation
AFNORAssociation Française de Normalisation
AFSAlkalische Fuel Cell
AFTPAssociation Française des Techniciens et Professionels du Pétrole
AGCAutomatic Gain Control
AGCSAdvanced Graphic Chip Set
AGMannual general meeting = annual meeting
AHCActive Height Control
AHCAdvanced High Speed CMOS
AHCIAdvanced Host Controller Interface
AHS-CAdvanced Highway System-Control
AICAutomatische Intervall Control
AICCAutonomeous Intelligent Cruise Control
AICCAutonomous Intelligent Cruise Control
AJCAnti Jerc Control
ALCActive Light Control
ALCAdaptive Light Control
ALCArithmetic and Logic Circuit
ALCAutomatic Level Control
ALCAutomatic Lightning Control
ALCLAssembly Line Communication Link
ALDCAdvanced Lossless Data Compression
AMCArbitration and Mediation Center
AMICAutomotive Multimedia Interface Collaboration
AMLCDActive Matrix Liquid Crystal Display
AMRAdaptive Multi Rate (Audio Codec)
AMTECAusstellung für Amateurfunktechnik, Elektronik, Computer
ANACAutomatic Number Announcement Circuit
ANARCAssociation of North American Radio Clubs
ANCActive Noise Control
ANTCAdvanced Networking Test Center
AOBany other business
AOCADSL Overhead Control
AOCAbnormal Operating Condition
AOCAdvice Of Charge
AOCEApple Open Collaboration Environment
AOMAnnual Operating + Maintenance (cost)
APCAccelerometer Pilot Control
APCAirborne Public Correspondence
APCAssociation for Progressive Communications
APICAdvanced Programmable Interrupt Controller
APNICAsia Pacific Network Informnation Centre
APPCAdvanced Program to Program Communication/Converter (IBM)
ARCAdvanced RISC Computing
ARCAAdvanced RISC Computing Architecture
ARCNETAttached Resource Computer/Computing Network
ARTICA Real-Time Interface Coprocessor (IBM)
ASAPas soon as possible
ASC+TActive stability control + Traction (BMW)
ASC-XActive Stabilty Control - 4-Wheel
ASCAccredited Standards Committee (ANSI)
ASCActive Stability Control
ASCAnti Slipping Control
ASCAuthorized Service/Support Center
ASCAutomatische Stabilitäts Controlle
ASCDAutomatic Speed Control Device
ASCIAccelerated/Advanced Strategic Computing Initiative
ASCIIAmerican Standard Code for Information Interchange
ASCOMAsynchronous Communication Control Program
ASCSActive Suspension Control Systems
ASICApplication Specific Integrated Circuit
ASLACPI Control Method Source Language
ASN.1Abstract Syntax Notation One (ISO, CCITT)
ASUAutomatische Stör Unterdrückung
ATCATM Transfer Capability
ATCAdaptive Transform Coding
ATCAddress Translation Cache
ATCAfter Top Center
ATCAfter Top Center Crank Position
ATCAutomatic Temperature Control
ATCAutomatic Torque Coupling
ATCAutomatic Transmission Control
ATCTechnical Committe of petroleum Additive manufacturers
ATCAAdvanced Telecom Computing Architecture
ATCPAppleTalk Control Protocol
ATDCAfter Top Dead Center
ATDCAfter Top Death Center
ATM-CCATM Crossconnect
ATMautomated teller machine (cash dispenser)
ATRACAdaptive Transform Acoustic Coding
ATRCAdaptive Technology Resource Center, U. of Toronto
ATSCAdvanced Television Systems Committee
ATTCAdvanced Television Test Center, USA
AUCAuthentication/Authority Centre
AVCAdvanced Vehicle Concept
AVCAdvanced Video Coding
AVCAudio Visual Connection (IBM)
AVCAutomatic Volume Control
AVCDAudio Visual Computer Display
AVRCPAudio Video Remote Control Profile
AVVIDArchitecture for Voice, Video and Integrated Data (Cisco)
AWCAssociation of Women in Computing
AWCGAdd With Carry (random number) Generator
AYCActive Yaw Control
B2CBusiness To Consumer
BACBalanced Asynchronous Class
BACBasic Access Control
BACPBandwidth Allocation Control Protocol
BASICBeginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code
BATCBlock Address Translation Cache
BBCBritish Broadcasting Corporation
BBDCBevore Bottom Death Center
BBNBolt, Beranek and Newman, Inc., Cambridge, Mass. (Internet)
BCBegin Chain
BCAMBasic Communication Access Method
BCAPCBarometric Pressure-Charge Air Pressure Compensation
BCCBlind Carbon Copy
BCCBlock Check/Checking Character
BCCHBroadcast Control Channel
BCDBinary Coded Decimal
BCEBell Canada Enterprises
BCFBandwidth Change Confirmation
BCFSKBinary Coded Frequency Shift Keying
BCHBose-Chaudhuri-Hocquenghem (-Code)
BCIBatibus Club International
BCIBoîte á Commande Impulsionelle
BCLBatch Command Language
BCMBody Control Module
BCPBest Current Practice
BCPBinary/Byte/Bridging Control Protocol
BCPBridging Control Protocol
BCPBulk Copy Program
BCPLBasic Computer/Combined Programming Language
BCRByte Count Register
BCSBASF Computer Services
BCSBlack Check Sequence
BCSBody Component System
BCSBoeing Computer Services
BCSBritish Computer Society
BCTSBackup Courier Time Server
BDCBackup Domain Controller
BDCBottom Dead Center
BDCBottom Death Center
BDLCBurroughs Data Link Control
BDSCBritisch Document Supply Center
BECBussed Electrical Center
BECNBackward Explicit Congestion Notification
BELLCOREBell Communications Research, Inc.
BETCBetween Chain
BHCABusy Hour Call Attempts
BICBank Identifier Code
BICIBroadband Inter Carrier Interface
BICSBinnenvaart Informatie en Communicatie Systeem
BIPMBipartite Matching Code
BISYNCBinary Synchronous Communication Protocol (IBM)
BJCBubblejet Color
BLACSBasic Linear Algebra Communication Routines
BLCBeam Landing Correction
BLOCBrutto Lines Of Code
BMCBlock Multiplex Channel
BMICBus Master Interface Controller (Intel)
BNCBaby N Connector
BNCBayonet Neill Concelman
BNCBayonet Nut Coupling
BOCBell Operating Company
BPCBarometric Pressure Compensation
BRJBandwidth Change Reject
BRQBandwidth Change Request
BSCBase Station Controller
BSCBinary Synchronous Communications
BSCBisynchronous/Binary Synchronous Communication (IBM)
BSCWBasic Support for Cooperative Work
BSYNCBinary Synchronous Communications (Protocol)
BTACBranch Target Address Cache
BTCBefore Top Center
BTCBefore Top Center crank position
BTCBit Test and Complement
BTCBroadband Transfer Capability
BTDCBefore Top Dead Center
BTDCBevore Top Death Center
BUCSBudgeting and Computing System in advance (Zahlung im voraus)
C.R. (C/R)Companys Risk (auf Gefahr der Firma) with order (Zahlung mit Anweisung)
C/CClean Credit (Barkredit)
C/CClutch Cover
C/DClutch Disc
C/Icertificate of insurance (Versicherungspolice)
C/LightCigarette Lighter
C/Ocash order (Sichtanweisung)
C/RCommand Response
C/TClock / Time
C/Tcable transfer (Kabelüberweisung)
C2CConsumer To Consumer
C2CCCar To Car Communication
C3Computer Command Control system
C3ICommand, Control, Communication, Intelligence
C3IComputer Controlled Coil Ignition
C4Command, Control, Communication + Computers
C4Computer Controlled Catalytic Converter system
CCable, Communication, Computer, Conference, Control
CCelsius (degrees)
CACabrio, Kabriolett
CACall Agent
CACellular Automaton
CACertification Authority
CAClosing assist
CACollision Avoidance
CACommon Applications
CAComputer Animation
CAComputer Associates
CAConditional Access
CACrank Angle
CAAComputer Aided Assembling/Anthropometrics/Animation
CAADComputer Aided Architectural Design
CABCabinet (Microsoft)
CABCaptured Air bubble
CABComputer Aided Breakfast
CACCarrier Access Code
CACCharge Air Cooler
CACCombined Air Control
CACComputer Aided Consulting/Computing/Creativity/Christmas/Crime
CACConnection Admission Control
CACCustomer Assistance Center
CACMCommunications of the ACM
CADClass Association Diagram
CADComputer Aided Design
CADComputer Aided Design/Detection
CADComputer Aided Dinner
CADAMComputer Aided Design And Manufacturing
CADAPSOCanadian Assosciation of Data Processing Organizations
CADDComputer Aided Design and Drafting
CADDComputer Aided Drug Design
CADEComputer Aided Data Entry
CADEPComputer Aided Design of Electronic Products
CADICComputer Aided Design of Integrated Circuits
CADISComputer Aided Design Interactive System (Siemens)
CADMATComputer Aided Design, Manufacturing and Testing
CADMOSComputerorientiertes Administrations- und Organisationssystem
CADOSComputer Aided Design of Systems
CAECommon Application Environment
CAEComputer Aided Engeneering
CAEComputer Aided Engineering
CAEComputer Aided(Assisted) Engineering
CAEComputer Aided/Assisted Education
CAFComputer Aided Fishing
CAFComputer and Academic Freedom
CAFEConditional Access For Europe
CAFECorporate Average Fuel Economy
CAFMComputer Aided Facilities Management
CAGColumn Adress Generator
CAGComputergesteuertes Automatik Getriebe
CAHComputer Aided Holidays/Homework/Hausaufgaben
CAHRDCrash Active Head Rest Driver
CAICommon Air Interface
CAIComputer Aided Industry
CAIComputer Aided Inspiration
CAIComputer Aided/Assisted Instruction
CAIControlled Auto Ignition
CAINControlled Access by Individual Number
CAIRComprehensive Assessment Information Rule
CAIRSComputerized Accident/Incident Reporting System
CAISCommon APSE Interface Set
CAITComputer Aided Inspection and Testing
CAKComputer-Anwendungen Karlsruhe
CALClient Access License
CALCommon Assembly Language
CALComputer Aided Life/Learning/Lunch
CALComputer Aided Lighting
CALComputer Aided Lightning
CALComputer Animation Language
CALConversational Algebraic Language
CALASComputer Aided Laboratory Automation System
CALCCustomer Access Line Charge
CALEACommunications Assistance for/to Law Enforcement Act
CALIESComputer Aided Locomotion by Implanted Electrical Stimulation
CALLComputer Aided/Assisted Language Learning
CALMCollected Algorithms for Learning Machines
CALSComputer Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support
CALSContinuous Acquisition + Life-cycle Support Program
CALTECHCalifornia Institute of Technology
CAMCentral Address Memory
CAMCommon/Communication Access Method
CAMComputer Aided Machining/Manufacturing
CAMComputer Aided(Assisted) Manufacturing
CAMConcentrator/Conditional Access Module
CAMConditional Access Module
CAMContent Addressable/Addressed Memory
CAMACComputer Automated Measurement And Control
CAMDComputer Aided Molecular Design
CAMELComputer Assisted Education Language
CAMLCategorial Abstract Machine Language
CAMPCompiler for Automatic Machine Programming
CAMPComputer Assisted Movie Production
CANCampus/Communications/Complete Area Network
CANCancel Line
CANCommunity Alert Network
CANController Aerea Network
CANController Area Network
CANCustomer Access Network
CANALCatalog with Natural Language Access
CANPCANister Purge solenoid valve
CANSComputer Assisted Network System
CANUNETCanadian University Computer Network
CAOChief Advertising Officer
CAOComputer Aided Administration and Organization
CAOComputer Aided Optimization
CAPCalendar Access Protocol
CAPCarrierless AM/PM
CAPCentral Arbitration Point
CAPColumbia AppleTalk Package
CAPCommon Alerting Protocol
CAPCommunication Application Platform
CAPComputer Aided Planning/Production/Publishing
CAPComputer Application Profile
CAPComputing for Analysis Project
CAPContent Access Point
CAPContinuous Audit Program
CAPDComputer To Assist Persons with Disabilities
CAPEComputer Aided Pattern Engineering
CAPICommon ISDN Application Programming Interface
CAPICommunication Application Program Interface
CAPPCComputer Aided Production Planning and Control
CAPPPComputer Aided Process and Production Planning
CAPSCassette Programming System
CAPSComputer Assisted Problem Solving
CAPSCComputer Aided Production Scheduling and Control
CAPTAINCharacter and Pattern Telephon Access Information Network
CAQComputer Aided Quality Assurance/Control
CARChannel Address Register
CARCompressed Audio Recording
CARComputer Aided Retrieval
CARComputer Assisted Radiology
CARAComputer Aided Radio Amateur
CARAMContent Addressable Random Access Memory
CARB ICalifornia Air Resource Board 1
CARBCalifornia Air Resource Board
CARBCalifornia Air Ressources Board
CARDISCargo Data Interchange System
CAREComputer Aided Reliability Estimation
CAREComputer Aided Reverse Engineering
CAREConcept for Advanced Recycling and Environment
CARLChemisches Aufweiten von Resist-Linien (Siemens)
CARLColorado Alliance of Research Libraries
CARLOSCancer Registry Lower Saxony
CAROComputer Anti-Virus Research Organization
CARPCaching RSS Parser
CARSComputer Aided Risc Simulation
CARSComputer Aided Routing System
CARSComputer Assisted Radiology and Surgery
CAS(1) Chemical Abstracts Service, (2) WMO Commission for Atmospheric Sciences
CASClean Air System
CASCollision Avoidance System
CASColumn Address Select/Strobe
CASCommunicating Applications Specification
CASComputer Aided Service
CASComputer Aided Service (System)
CASComputer Aided Service/Selling
CASComputer Aided Styling
CASComputer Algebra System
CASConditional/Control/Communication Access System
CASCrank Angle Sensor
CASCCoalition for Academic Supercomputer Centers
CASCOCommittee on Conformity Assessment
CASDComputer Aided System Design
CASECommon Applications Service Element
CASEComputer Aided Software Engineering
CASEComputer Aided System Evaluation
CASLCommon Algebraic Specification Language
CASLCrosstalk Application Scripting Language
CASSComputer Assisted Surveillance System
CASSISClassified And Search Support Information System
CASTCenter for Applied Security Technology, Darmstadt
CASTCenter for Applied Special Technology
CASTCompetence Center for Applied Security Technology
CASTComputer Aided Software Testing
CATCharacter Assignment Table
CATChordal Axis Transformation
CATCommon Allocation TAble
CATComputer Aided Teaching/Testing/Telecommunication/Translation/Transscription
CATComputer Aided Testing
CATComputerized Axial Tomography
CATConditionally Accepted Tag
CATFolterausschuß (Committee against Torture)
CATIAComputer Graphic Aided Three Dimensional Interactive Application
CATNIPCommon Architecture for Next Generation Internet Protocol
CATPComputer Aided Technical Publishing
CATSComputer Active Technology Suspension
CATSComputer Aided Telephony Services
CATSComputer Aided/Assisted Teaching/Tracking/Training System
CATSComputer Automated Test System
CATTChina Academy of Telecommunication Technology
CATVCable Television
CATVCommon/Community Antenna Television
CAUCommand and Arithmetic Unit
CAUControl/Controlled/Concentrator Access Unit
CAUCECoalition Against Unsolicited Commercial Email
CAVComputer Aided Verification
CAVConstant Angular Velocity
CAVECave Automatic Virtual Environment
CAVEComputer Aided Vision Engineering
CAWChannel Address Word
CBCall Back
CBCell Broadcast
CBCitizens Band
CBACContext Based Access Control
CBCCanadian Broadcasting Corporation
CBCCipher Block Chaining
CBCCornering Brake Control
CBCCornering Brake Control (BMW)
CBCRChannel Byte Count Register
CBDSConnectionless Broadband Data Service
CBDTPAConsumer Broadband and Digital Television Promotion Act
CBEFFCommon Biometric Exchange Format Framework
CBEMAComputer and Business Equipment Manufacturers Association
CBICharles Babbage Insitute
CBIComputer Based Instruction
CBICrossbar Interface
CBIPCompressed Binaries IBM PC
CBIPCurrent Book In Progress
CBIRContent Based Image Retrieval
CBIRSContent Based Image Retrieval System
CBJConflict-directed Backjumping
CBLCommunication By Light
CBLComputer Based Learning
CBOCoupling Between Object Classes
CBQClass Based Queuing
CBRConstant/Continuous Bit Rate
CBRContent Based Retrieval
CBSCondition Based Service
CBSControl Brake System
CBSCrossbar Switch
CBSCustomized Body panels
CBSSCouncil of the Baltic Sea States - Rat der Ostseestaaten
CBTComputer Base Training
CBTComputer Based Training
CBTCore Based Tree
CBWConvert Byte to Word
CBXComputer-controlled/Computerized Branch Exchange
CCCable Connector
CCCall/Communication Center
CCCarbon Copy
CCCatalytic Converter
CCChain/Channel Command
CCCheck Control
CCClassification Code
CCCluster/Communications Controller
CCCommon Criteria (for IT Security Evaluation)
CCCompact Casette
CCCondition Command/Code
CCCongestion Control
CCConnected Client
CCCountry Code
CCCoupled Channel
CCCruise Control
CCCubic Centimeter
CCCursor Control
CCCyclic Check
CCACold Crancing Amps
CCACopyright Control Association
CCBChange Control Board
CCBChannel Command/Control Block
CCBCyclic Check Byte
CCBSCompletion of Call to Busy Subscriber
CCCCeramic Chip Carrier
CCCChange and Configuration Control
CCCChaos Computer Club, Hamburg
CCCComputer Chess Competition
CCCComputer Command Control system
CCCConference Control Channel
CCCConverter Clutch Control
CCCCredit Card Calling
CCCBCommand, Control, Communications in Buildings
CCCCConinuosly Controled Chassis Concept
CCCHCommon Control Channel
CCDCharce-Coupled Devices
CCDCharge Coupled Device
CCDCharged-Coupled Devices
CCDClass Communication Diagram
CCEConfiguration Control Element
CCEICoolant Controlled Idle Enrichment
CCEVCoolant Controlled Engine Vacuum Switch
CCFCentral Computing Facility
CCFChain Command Flag
CCFCCComputer Coordinated Family Communcation and Cooperation
CCFLCold Cathode Fluorescent Lighting
CCFTCold Cathode Fluorescent Tube
CCICommon Client Interface
CCIAComputer + Communications Industry Association
CCIRComite Consultatif International des Radiocommunications
CCIRNCommittee for Intercontinental Research Networks
CCISCommand and Control Information System
CCISCommon Channel Interoffice Signaling
CCITTComite Consultatif International de Telegraphie et de Telephonie
CCKCentre de Calcul El Khawarizmi, Tunis
CCKCommunication Commission of Kenya
CCKComplementary Code Keying
CCKComputerclub Kamen
CCLClosed Conference Loop
CCLCommerce Control List
CCLCommon Command Language
CCLConnection Control Language
CCLCorel Contractual Licensing
CCLCreative Commons License
CCLCCarrier Common Line Charge
CCMCORBA Component Model
CCMCheck Control Modul
CCMColor Management System
CCMComprehensive Component Monitor
CCMComputer Controlled Manufacturing
CCMCounter with CBC-Mac
CCMCComitè des Contructeurs d ´Automobiles du Marchè Commune
CCMCCommitee des Constructeurs dÁutomobiles du Marche Commun
CCNCluster Controller
CCNCordless Communication Network
CCNGComputer Communications Networks Group
CCNRCompletion of Call on No Reply
CCNUMACache Coherent NUMA
CCOTClutch Cycling Orifice Tube
CCPCAN Calibration Protocol
CCPCompression Control Protocol
CCPConcurrent Constraint Programming
CCPConsole/Communications Command/Control Processor/Program
CCPControlled Canister Purge
CCPPComposite Capability Preference Profile
CCPRCodex Committee on Pesticide Residues
CCRCenter for Communications Research
CCRCommand and Control Research
CCRCommitment, Concurrency, Recovery (OSI)
CCRCurrent Cell Rate
CCRNCoordinating Council on Research Networks
CCSCAPI Connection Service
CCSClosely Coupled System
CCSCombined Combustion System
CCSCommon Channel Signalling
CCSCommon Command Set (SCSI)
CCSCommon Communication Support
CCSContinuos Composite Servo
CCSACheckpoint Certified Security Administrator
CCSACommon Control Switching Arrangement
CCSBThe Collection of Computer Science Bibliographies, Karlsruhe
CCSECheckpoint Certified Security Engineer
CCSS7Common Channel Signalling System No. 7
CCSYCooperative Computing System Program
CCTComputerized Communication Terminal
CCTVClosed Circuit Television
CCUCentral Communication/Control Unit
CCUCommunications Control Unit
CCUCustomer Control Unit
CCUTComputer Center at the University of Tokyo
CCVCanister Control Valve
CCVRCentre de Calcul Vectoriel pour la Recherche
CCWChannel Command Word
CCWCoherent Continuous Wave
CCWContinuous Composite Write (Once Disc)
CCXCisco Compatible Extension
CD-RCompact Disk Recordable
CD-RDxCompact Disk Read Only Memory Data Exchange Standard
CD-ROMCompact Disc - Read Only Memory
CD-ROMCompact Disk Read Only Memory
CD-RWCompact Disc Read Write
CD-RWCompact Disk Re-Writable
CD-VCompact Disk Video
CD-WOCompact Disk Write Once
CDCall Deflection
CDCarrier Detect
CDChained Data
CDChange Direction
CDCollision Detection
CDColour Display
CDCommittee Document (ISO)
CDCompact Disc
CDCompact Disk
CDControl Display
CDConverging Diverging
CDACommunications Decency Act
CDACompound Document Architecture (DEC)
CDACylinder Deactivation
CDASControl and Data Acquisition System
CDATACharacter Data
CDBConsolidated Database
CDCCD Changer
CDCCompact Disc Changer
CDCContinous Damping Control
CDCContinuous Damping Control
CDCControl Data Corporation (USA)
CDCCult of the Dead Cow
CDDControlled Deceleration for Driver assistancs system
CDDCustom Debian Distribution
CDDACompact Disc Digital Audio
CDDBCompact Disc Data Base
CDDICopper Distributed Data Interface
CDDLCommon Development and Distribution License (Sun)
CDECommon Desktop Environment
CDECompact Disc Erasable
CDEComplex Data Entry
CDECooperative Development Environment
CDEVControl Panel Device
CDFChannel Definition File/Format
CDFComma Delimited Format
CDFCommon Data File/Format
CDFCompound Document Framework
CDFContext Dependent File
CDFCyberspace Description Format
CDFSCompact Disc File System
CDGCompact Disc Graphical
CDGPSCarrier Differential GPS
CDICapacitor Discharge Ignition
CDICapacitor-Discharge Ignition
CDICommon Rail Direct Injection
CDIComon Rail Direct Injection
CDICompact Disc Interactive
CDIContext Dependent Interchangeability
CDIFCase Data Interchange Format
CDLCentral Door Locking
CDLComputer Design Language
CDMCode Division Multiplex
CDMCompressed Data Mode
CDMACode Division Multiple Access
CDNContent Delivery Network
CDNCChinese Domain Name Consortium
CDOCollaboration Data Object
CDOSConcurrent Disk Operating System
CDPCisco Discovery Protocol
CDPConditional Diphase (Encoding)
CDPControlled Deceleration for Parking Brake
CDPDCellular Digital Packet Data
CDPFCatalyst based Diesel Particulate Filter
CDRCall Detail Record/Recording
CDRCompact Disk Recordable
CDRCorel Draw Format
CDRACharacter Data Representation Architecture
CDRAMCached Dynamic Random Access Memory
CDRFSCompact Disc Recordable File System
CDRLContract Data Requirements List
CDSCactus Data Shield
CDSCell Directory Service (OSF, DCE)
CDSClass Data Sharing
CDSCurrent Directory Structure
CDSACommon Data Security Architecture Initiative
CDSLConsumer Digital Subscriber Line
CDTCenter for Democracy and Technology (USA)
CDTVCommodore Dynamic Total Vision
CDTVCompact Disk Television
CDVCell Delay Variation
CDVTCell Delay Variation Tolerance
CECache Enable
CEClear Entry
CECollision Elimination
CEConformite Europeenne (Konformitätskennzeichen)
CEConsumer Electronics
CEABCold Engine Air Bleed
CEASACellular Emergency Alert Service Association
CEBComite Electrotechnique Belge
CEBITCentrum für Büro, Information und Telekommunikation
CEBUSConsumer Electronics Bus
CECCalifornia Energie Committe
CECCoordinating European Council..
CECCrankcase Emission Control System
CECCElectronic Components Committee
CECMGCentral Europe Computer Measurement Group
CECP(?) Code Page
CECSRSozialrechtsausschuß (Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights)
CECUCentral Electronic Control Unit
CEDEXCourrier de entreprise distribution exceptionelle
CEFICConseil Européen des Fédérations de la Industrie Chimique
CEFICEDIFACT-Subset Chemical Industry
CEGComfort Entry / Go system
CEGContinuous Edge Graphics
CEIConducted Electromagnetic Interference
CEKContent Encryption Key
CELISCentral Lighting System
CELISCentral Lighting Systems
CELPCode Excited Linear Prediction
CELTCorpus of Electronic Texts
CEMCentral Electric Module
CEMCommon Evaluation Methodology
CEMComputational Electromagnetics
CEMECCommittee of European Associations of Manufacturers of Electronic Components
CEMMCompaq Expanded Memory Manager
CEMTConference Europeen des Ministeres de Transpotef
CENComite Europeen de Normalisation
CENComité Européen de Normalisation
CENELECComite Europeen de Normalisation Electrotechnique
CENELECComité Européen de Normalisation en Electrotechnique
CENTRCouncil of European National Top level domain Registries
CEOChief Executive Officer
CEO=MDchief executive officer (US) = Managing director (UK)
CEPClean Energy Partnership
CEPConnection End Point
CEPECCommittee of European Associations of Manufacturers of Passive Electronic Components
CEPISCouncil of European Professional Informatics Societies
CEPTConference Europeenne des Administrations des Postes et des Telecommunications
CERCell Error Ratio
CERCold Enrichment Rod
CERAClimate and Environmental Data Retrieval and Archive
CERESCoalition for Environmentally Responsible Economies
CERFCalifornia Education and Research Federation (network)
CERNConseil Europeen pour la Recherche Nucleaire
CERTComputer Emergency Response Team (DFN)
CESCircuit Emulation Service
CESCoast Earth Station
CESConsumer Electronics Show
CESContinously Controlled Electronic Suspension
CESContinuously controled Electronic Suspension
CESCComponent Encoding Stream Construction
CESGCommunications Electronics Security Group (UK)
CESHCompetence Center Electronic Shopping
CESSCold Engine Sensor Switch
CESTCentral European Summer Time
CESUCompatibility Encoding Scheme for UTF (Unicode)
CETCentral European Time
CFCall Forwarding
CFCompact Flash (Card)
CFCompact Framework
CFContinous Feature
CFBCall Forwarding Busy
CFBCipher Feedback
CFCPCalifornia Fuel Cell Partnership
CFDCall For Discussion (Usenet)
CFDComputational Fluid Dynamics
CFDPCoherent File Distribution Protocol (Internet)
CFEConnected Family Environment
CFHCOBOL File Handler
CFICentral Fuel Injection
CFIContinous Fuel Injection
CFICross Fire Injection
CFICylinderindividual Fuel Injection
CFLContext Free Language
CFMClock From Master
CFMCommon Functional Model
CFMConfiguration Management
CFMCubic Feet per Minute
CFMLCold Fusion Markup Language
CFNRCall Forwarding No Reply
CFOChief Financial Officer
CFORConversational FORTRAN
CFPComputer, Freedom and Privacy
CFPContent/Contention Free Period
CFPPCold Filter Plugging Point
CFR 46, CFR 49Code of Federal Regulations, Title 46: Shipping, Title 49: Transportation
CFRControlled Ferro Resonant (-USV)
CFRCoordinating Fuel Research
CFRCCooperative Fuel Research Comitee
CFRICalifornia Federation of Research Internets
CFSCentral/Common File system
CFSCryptographic File System
CFTCray Fortran Compiler
CFUCall Forwarding Unconditional
CFVCall For Votes (Usenet)
CGComputer Graphics
CGCore Gateway
CGCyclic Group
CGclean and green
CGAColor Graphics Adapter (PC)
CGALComputational Geometry Algorithm Library
CGATSCommittee for Graphic Arts Technologies Standards
CGE(Linux) Carrier Grade Edition
CGECompagnie General de Electricite
CGICommon Gateway/Graphic Interface
CGICompacted Grafit Iron
CGIComposite Graphics Interface
CGIComputer Generated Image
CGIComputer Graphics Interface
CGIStratified Charged Gasoline Injection
CGLCarrier Grade Linux
CGMComputer Graphics Metafile
CGMIFComputer Graphics Metafile Interchange Format
CGMSCopy Generation Management System
CGPPComputer Grahics: Principles and Practise (by Fowley)
CGSCommon Graphics System
CGSComputer Graphics Society
CGSContinuous Grain Silicon
CGSInternational Computer Graphics Society
CGUComputer Graphics Unit
CGWCustomer/Campus Gateway
CHCombination Hump
CHCyclic Header
CHAOSCheap Array of Obsolete Systems
CHAPCryptographic/Challenge Handshake Authentication Protocol
CHARMCharacter Mode
CHCKChannel Check
CHIComputer Human Interaction/Interface
CHICConstraint Handling in Industry and Commerce
CHILCurrent Hogging Injection Logic
CHILDComputer Having Intelligent Learning and Development
CHILLCCITT High Level Language
CHLCurrent Hogging Logic
CHMCooperative Hypermedia
CHMSLCenter High Mounted Stop Lamp
CHOPChannel Operator
CHORENCarbons, Hydrogenium Oxigenium RENewables
CHPCCenter for High Performance Computing
CHRConstraint Handling Rules
CHRPCommon Hardware Reference Platform
CHSCylinders, Heads, Sectors
CHTCylinder Head temperature Sensor
CHVCard Holder Value
CI(conventional) Coil Ignition
CICall Intrusion
CICetane Index
CICoded Information
CICommand Interpreter
CIComponent/Computer Interface
CICompression Ignition
CIComputational Intelligence
CIComputer Interconnect/Interface
CICongestion Indicator
CIControl and Indication
CIAComputer Interface Adapter
CIACComputer Incident Advisory Capability
CIAMComputerized Integrated and Automatic Manufacturing
CIBComputer Integrated Building/Bureaucracy
CICCarrier Identification Code
CICCertified IT Consultant
CICCommittee on Institutional Cooperation
CICCompunting, Information + Communications
CICComputing Information Center
CICCoordination and Information Center (CSNet)
CICACenter of Innovative Computer Applications
CICSCustomer Information Control System (IBM)
CIDCamshaft Identification (-Sensor)
CIDColor Info Display
CIDConference Identifier
CIDConfiguration, Installation, Distribution
CIDCubic Inch Displacement
CIDCustomer Identifier
CIDCylinder Identification Sensor
CIDASConversational Interactive Digital Analog Simulator
CIDICompression Ignition Direct Injection
CIDIFCentre International pour le Developpement de le Inforoute en Francais
CIDPComputer Industry Development Potential
CIDRClassless Inter/Internet Domain Routing
CIECommission Internationale de le Eclairage (Farbmodell)
CIEDSComputer Integrated Electron Design Series
CIFCell in Frames
CIFCommon Intermediate Format
CIFComputer Integrated Facilities
CIFICylinderindividual Fuel Injection
CIFSCommon Insecurity Fail Scrutiny
CIFSCommon Internet File System (Protocol)
CIHCamshaft In Head
CIINCorporate Integrated Information Network
CIIRCenter for Intelligent Information Retrieval, Mass.
CIKCrypto-Ignition Key
CILComputer Inoperative Limits
CILComputerintegrierte Logistik
CIMChassis Integration Modul
CIMColumn Integration Module
CIMCommon Information Model
CIMCompuServe Information Manager
CIMComputer Input Microfilm
CIMComputer Integrated Manufacturing
CIMCustom Install Manager
CIMRègles uniformes concernant le Contrat de transport International ferroviaire des Marchandises
CINCalibration Identification Number
CINTCall Interception
CIOCentral Imagery Office
CIOChief Information Officer
CIOCSCommunication Input/Output Control System (IBM)
CIOSCommunication Institute for Online Scholarship
CIPCatalogue Interoperability Protocol
CIPCatalogue/Cataloguing In Publication/Publishing
CIPClassical IP
CIPCommand Interface Port
CIPCommon ISDN Access Profile
CIPCommon Indexing Protocol
CIPCompatible Independent Peripherals
CIPComputer Aided Intuition Guided Programming
CIPConcert Internet Plus
CIPConstraint Imperative Programming
CIPAChildrens Internet Protection Act
CIPECrypto Internet Protocol Encapsulation
CIPPContexts, Input, Processes + Products
CIPRCommission on Intellectual Property Rights
CIPSCanadian Information Processing Society
CIPSOCommon Internet Protocol Security Option
CIRClassless Interdomain Routing
CIRCommitted Information/Interface Rate
CIRCCircular Reference
CIRCCross Interleaved Reed Solomon Code
CIRSCCross Interleave Solomon Code
CISCALEA Implementation Section
CISCASE Integration Services
CISCard Information Structure
CISCascade Inline Scripting
CISClient Information Server
CISCommunity (of)Independet States
CISCompact Image Sensor
CISCompuServe Information Service
CISComputational and Information Sciences
CISComputer Information System
CISComputerized Information Service
CISContact Image Sensor
CISContinuous Injection System
CISACConfederation Internationale des Societes de Auteurs et Compositeurs
CISCComplex Instruction Set Computer/Code
CISEComputer and Information Science and Engineering Directorate
CISPRComite International Special des Perturbations Radioelectriques
CISSCrash Impact Sound Sensor
CITCalifornia Institute of Technology
CITCompany Integrated Telephony
CITComputer Integrated Telephone
CITcommunications Improvement Team
CITABComputer Instruction and Training Assistance for the Blind
CITEDCopyright In Transmitted Electronic Documents
CITISContractor Integrated Technical Information Service
CITSFCommission Internationale de Telegraphie Sans Fil
CIXCentral/Commercial Internet Exchange
CIXCommercial Internet Exchange (Association)
CIXCompulink Information Exchange
CJKVChinese - Japanese - Korean - Vietnamese
CKDCompletely Knocked Down
CKDCount Key Data
CKPCrank Position
CKSChrom Keramik Schicht
CLCentral locking
CLClosed Loop
CLComputational Linguistics
CLConnectionless Service
CLControl Language
CLCurrent License
CLCycle Length
CLAACarry Look Ahead Adder
CLAGCarry Look Ahead Generator
CLAMSCommon Los Alamos Mathematical Software
CLARChannel Local Address Register
CLASPComputer Language for Aeronautics and Space Programming
CLASSCustom Local Area Signalling Service
CLBComponent Load Balancing
CLCCapacity Limiting Constituents
CLCClear Carry Flag
CLCCommercial Letter of Credit (Handelskreditbrief)
CLCComputing Learning Center
CLCConverter Lock-up Clutch
CLCCClosed Loop Congestion Control
CLCSCurrent Logic Current Switching
CLDATACutter Location Data
CLECertified Linux Engineer/Expert
CLEFEuropean Commercial Licensed Evaluation Facilities
CLEOClassified Energy Online (database)
CLFCommon Log (File) Format
CLHCommand Line History
CLICall Level Interface
CLICalling Line Identification
CLICommand Line Interface/Interpreter
CLICChemnitzer Linux Cluster
CLICSComputer Linked Information for Container Shipping
CLIDCalling Line Identification
CLIPCalling Line Identification Presentation
CLIRCalling/Connected Line Identification Restriction
CLISTCommand List
CLLCorel License for Learning
CLLMConsolidated Link Layer Management
CLMPConnectionless-Mode Network Protocol
CLNPConnectionless Network Protocol (OSI)
CLNSConnectionless Mode Network Service
CLOClass Option (LaTeX)
CLOBCharacter Large Object
CLOECommon LISP Operating Environment
CLOOReverse Object Oriented Logical Channel
CLOSCommon LISP Object System
CLOWNCluster Of Working Nodes
CLPCell Loss Payload/Priority
CLPConstraint Logic Programming
CLPPCRECommon Lisp Portable Perl Compatible Regular Expressions
CLRCell Loss Ratio
CLRCommon Language Runtime
CLRComputer Language Research
CLRCoordinating Lubricant Research
CLRTCClearReal Time Clock
CLSClear Screen
CLSConnectionless Server
CLTCommuncations Line Terminal
CLTComputer Language Translator
CLTDClock and Tones Distribution
CLTPConnectionless Transport Protocol (OSI)
CLTSClear Task Switch Flag
CLTSConnectionless Transport Service
CLUCentral Logic Unit
CLUTColor Look-up Table
CLVCeiling Limit Value
CLVConstant Linear Velocity
CLWCertified Linux Wizard
CMCentral Memory
CMCommunications Manager (IBM)
CMConfiguration Management
CMConnection Machine
CMConnection Master
CMCorrective Maintenance
CMAConcert Multi-thread Architecture
CMARControl Memory Address Register
CMBCommon Management Bus
CMCCeramic Matrix composite Bremse
CMCCommon Mail Call
CMCComplement Carry Flag
CMCComputer Mediated Communication
CMDSComputer Misuse Detection System
CMECenter for Media Education
CMECommon Malware Enumeration
CMFCommand File
CMIPCommon Management Information Protocol (OSI)
CMISCommon Management Information Services/System
CMLChemical Markup Language
CMLCurrent Mode Logic
CMMCapability Maturity Model
CMMCapability Maturity Model for software
CMMColor Management Module
CMMComputerized Measurement Machine
CMMICapability Maturity Model Integrated
CMMLContinuous Media Markup Language
CMMUCache Memory Management Unit
CMOChief Marketing Officer
CMOSComplementary Metal Oxid Semiconductor
CMOSComplementary Metal Oxide Semiconductor
CMOTCommon Management Information Protocol over TCP/IP
CMOVConditional Move (and Compare Instructions)
CMPCaMshaft Position sensor
CMPCellular Multi-Processing
CMPConfiguration Management Plan
CMPSCompare Word String
CMRCell Misinsertion Rate
CMRCompact Methanol Reformer
CMRConvention relative au contrat de transport international de Merchandises par Route
CMRCorporate Message Recovery
CMSCode/Color/Connection/Content Management System
CMSCompiler Monitor System
CMSContent Management System
CMSConversational Monitor System (IBM)
CMSCryptographic Message Syntax
CMTCellular Mobile Telephone
CMTChip Multi Threading
CMTConnection Management
CMUCarnegie-Mellon-University, Pittsburgh, USA
CMVCConfiguration Management and Version Control (IBM)
CMWCompartment Mode Workstation
CMXCommunication Method SINIX (Siemens)
CMYcyan, magenta, yellow (Farbmodell)
CMYKcyan, magenta, yellow, black (Farbmodell)
CNCetane Number
CNComfort Noise
CNCorporate Network
CNACertified NetWare Administrator (Novell)
CNAMECanonical Name (Record)
CNASICentre for Networked Access to Scholarly Information (Australien)
CNBCollective Notebook
CNCComplete Network Centre
CNCComputer Numerical Controlled
CNCComputerized Numerical Control
CNDCaldera Network Desktop
CNECertified NetWare Engineer/Expert (Novell)
CNETCentre National de Etudes des Telecommunications, Paris
CNFChomsky Normal Form
CNGCalling (tone)
CNGComplete No-Good
CNGCompressed Natural Gas
CNICentre National de Informatique
CNICertified NetWare Instructor (Novell)
CNICoalition for Networked Information
CNICommunications Network International
CNIDRClearinghouse for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval
CNILCommission Nationale de la Informatique et des Libertes
CNIPCalling Name Identification Presentation
CNIRCalling/Connected Name Identification Restriction
CNMCustomer Network Management
CNMACommunications Network for Manufacturing Application
CNNCable News Network
CNNICChina Network Imformation Center
CNPCorporate Network Provider
CNRCommunication Network Riser
CNRComposite Noise Ratio
CNRICorporation for National Research Initiatives
CNRPCommon Name Resolution Protocol
CNRSCentre National de la Recherche Scientifique (Frankreich)
CNSColor Naming System
CNSCombustion Noise Sensor
CNSCommunications Network System
CNSCommunikations- u. Navigations-System
CNSSCore Nodal Switching Subsystem (Internet)
CNTCarbon Nano Tube
CNTCentral Networking Testbed
CO2Carbon DIOxide
CO2CohlenDiOxid (Di = 2)
COCall Offer
COCarbon monOxide
COCentral Office
COChief Operator
COCommand Output
COCommunication Outlet
COCrystal Oscillator
COACertificate Of Authenticity
COACompound OLAP Architecture
COAMCustomer Owned And Maintained
COARACommunication of Oita Amateur Research Association
COASTComputer Operations, Audit and Security Technology
COBOLCommon Business Oriented Language
COCCoded Optical Character
COCConventional Oxidation Catalyst
CODCapacity On Demand
CODChemical Oxygen Demand, Chemischer Sauerstoffbedarf
CODcash on delivery
CODASYLCommittee/Conference on Data System Languages
CODINEComputing in Distributed Networked Environments
CODITCode Division Testbed
COECommon Operating Environment
COEDSCommon Event Database System
COFDMCoded Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplex
COFFCommon Object File Format
COGOCoordinate Geometry (Language)
COINConsole Interrupt Request
COINSComputer Output Information System
COLCaldera Open Linux
COLDComputer Output to Laser Disc
COLPConnected Line Identification Presentation
COLRConnected Line Identification Restriction
COLTCommunications Line Terminator
COLTComputer Oriented Language Translator
COLTControl Language Translator
COMCommon/Component Object Model
COMComponent Object Model
COMComputer Output Microfilm
COMContinuation Of Message
COMALCommon Algorithmic Language
COMANDCOckpit Management ANd Data system
COMDEXComputer Dealers Exposition
COMHEDCommon Header
COMINTCommunications Intelligence
COMMSCustomer Oriented Manaufacturing Management System
COMPACTComputer Planning and Control Technique
COMPSACInternational Computer Software and Applications Conference
COMSATCommunications Satellite Corporation
COMSECCommunications Security
COMSLCommunications System Simulation Language
COMSOALComputer Method of Sequencing Operations for Assembly Lines
COMTRANCommercial Translator (IBM)
CONPConnected Name Identification Presentation
CONPConnection Oriented Network Protocol
CONSConnection Oriented Network Service
CONTUCommission On New Technological Uses of Copyrighted Works
COOChief Operating Officer
COOLControl Oriented Language
COPCoil On Plug Ignition
COPConstrained Optimization Problem
COPAChild Online Protection Act
COPEComputer Performance Evaluation
COPICSCommunications Oriented Production and Control System
COPSCommon Open Policy Service
COPSComputer Oracle and Password System
CORALComputer Online Real-Time Applications Language
CORBACommon Object Request Broker Architecture
CORECommon Runtime Environment
CORECouncil of Registrars (Internet)
CORNETCorporate ISDN Network Protocol
COSCard/Cray Operating System
COSClass of Service
COSCompatible Operation System
COSComplementary Switching
COSCorporation for Open Systems (OSI)
COSECommon Open Software/Systems Environment
COSINECooperation for OSI Networking in Europe
COSMOSComplementary Symmetric Metal Oxide Semiconductor
COSMOSComputer Oriented System for Management Order Synthesis
COSNConsortium for School Networking
COSOCharge One Site Only
COSPASCosmicheskaya Sistyema Poiska Avariynich Sudov
COSSCommon Object Services Specification
COSYConferencing System
COTCustomer Owned Tooling
COTIFConvention relative aux Transports Internationaux Ferroviaires
COTKControl Track
COTSCoin Operated Telephone System
COTSCommercial Off The Shelf
COTSConnection Oriented Transport Service
COVECode Verification
COWCluster Of Workstations
CP/MControl Programm for Microcomputers (DEC)
CPCall Pay
CPCanister Purge
CPCard Punch
CPCentral/Communications/Customized Processor
CPCheck/Control Point
CPChoke Packet
CPCircuit Package
CPCloud Point
CPCode Page
CPCommon Rail Hochdruckpumpe
CPComplete Partitioning
CPComputer Professional
CPConducting Polymer
CPConstraint Programming
CPContention Procedure
CPContinuous Path
CPControl Program
CPCrankshaft Position sensor
CPACertified Public Accountant
CPAClosest Point of Approach
CPACode Parasite Autopropageable
CPACritical Path Analysis
CPANComprehensive Perl Archive Network
CPBXComputerized Private Branch Exchange
CPCCard Programmable Calculator (IBM)
CPCComputer Process Control
CPCCondens Particle Counter
CPCSCommon Part Convergence Sublayer
CPDConstructive Page Description
CPECentral Processing Element
CPEComputer Performance Evaluation
CPECustomer Provided/Premises Equipment
CPFSKContinuous Phase Frequency Shift Keying
CPGCOSINE Policy Group
CPGCentral Pattern Generator
CPGClock Pulse Generator
CPI-CCommon Programming Interface for Communications (IBM)
CPICentral Port Injection
CPIClocks Per Instruction
CPICommon Part Indication
CPICommon Programming Interface (IBM)
CPICost Performamce Index
CPIcharacters per inch
CPIMCommon Presence and Instant Messaging
CPLCombined Programming Language
CPLCurrent Privilege Level
CPLcharacters per line
CPLDCMOS Programmable Logic Device
CPLDComplex Programmable Logic Device
CPMColliding Pulse Mode
CPMComputer Program Protection Manager
CPMCorporate Performance Management
CPMCritical Path Method
CPNCentral Partner Network
CPNCustomer Premises Network
CPOCertified Project Officer
CPOChief Privacy Officer
CPPCorporate Preview Program
CPPMComputer Protection Program Manager
CPPMContent Protection for Prerecorded Media
CPPSCritical Path Planning and Scheduling
CPRMContent Protection for Recordable Media
CPSCamshaft Position and Speedsensor
CPSCasette Programm Search
CPSConstraint Parameter Set
CPSCrankshaft Position Sensor
CPSCritical Path Scheduling
CPScycles/characters per second
CPSAConsumer Product Safety Act
CPSCConsumer Product Safety Commission
CPSICells Per Square inch
CPSIConfigurable Post Script Interpreter
CPSRComputer Professionals for Social Responsibility
CPSTControl Point Spanning Tree
CPTCOSINE Project Management Team
CPTCommand Pass Thru
CPTCommon Point of Trust
CPTCritical Path Technique
CPTWGCopyright Protection Technical Working Group
CPUCentral Processing Unit
CPVCold Process Verification
CPVConstant Pressure Valve
CQLChannel Queue Limit
CQMClass Queue Management
CQPCorpus Query Processor
CR-DPFContinously Regenerating Diesel Particulate Filter
CR-VComfortable Runabout Vehicles
CR/LFCarriage Return/Line Feed
CRCambridge Ring
CRCarriage Return
CRCommon Rail
CRCompression Ratio
CRCore (Network) Router
CRCosta Rica
CRCray Research, Inc.
CRAMCard Random Access Memory
CRAMChallenge Response Authentication Mechanism
CRAMCyberspatial Reality Advancement Movement
CRCClass, Responsibility, Collaboration/Collaborators
CRCCruise Control
CRCCyclic Redundancy Check
CRCKinderrechtsausschuß (C. on the Rights of the Child)
CRCGFraunhofer Center for Research in Computer Graphics
CRCWConcurrent Read, Concurrent Write (PRAM)
CRDColor Rendering Dictionary
CRDCreation Revision Deletion (request)
CRDICommon Rail Direct Injection
CRENCorporation/Computer Research Education/Educational Network, USA
CRESCommon Rail Einspritzsystem
CREWCompact for Responsive Electronic Writing
CREWConcurretn Read, Exclusive Write (PRAM)
CRFCross Reference File
CRICommon Rail Injector
CRIMCentre de Recherche Informatique de Montreal
CRISPComplex Reduced Instruction Set Processor
CRLCertificate Revocation List
CRLCompile-time Reconfigurable Logic
CRMCommunications + Records Management
CRMCustomer Relationship Management
CROBcargo remaining on board (Ware bleibt an Bord)
CRODCrash Output Digital
CROMControl Read Only Memory
CRPCommon Rail Pumpe
CRPCCenter for Research on Parallel Computation
CRRChange Request Reply
CRSCell Relay Service
CRSChild Restraint System
CRSCommon Rail System
CRSComputer Reservation System
CRTCathode Ray Tube
CRTChinese Remainder Theorem
CRTContinous Regeneration Trap
CRTContinuously Regenerating Trap
CRTCCanadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission
CRTMCore Root of Trusted Module
CRUComputer Resource Unit
CRVCode Rule Violation
CS-ACELPConjugate Structure Algebraic Code Excited Linear Prediction
CS1Capability Set 1
CS80Command Set 80 (Hewlett-Packard)
CSCable/Card/Chip Select
CSCall Sign
CSChip Select
CSCircuit Switching
CSClear Screen
CSClear to Send
CSCode Segment
CSCoding Scheme
CSCommunications Satellite/System
CSComputer Science
CSContinuous Servo
CSConvergence Sublayer
CSCorrespondence System
CSACall Path Service Architecture
CSAConseil Superieur de la Audiovisuel
CSACrankshaft Starter Alternator
CSACyber Security Agency, EU
CSARChannel System Address Register
CSBChannel Status Byte
CSCCenter for Scientific Computing
CSCCentral Slave Cylinder
CSCConcentric slave cylinder
CSCCoolant Spark Control
CSCRConsortium for Slow Commotion Research
CSCWComputer Supported Cooperative/Collaborative Work
CSDCircuit Switched Data
CSDCold Shutdown
CSDCorrective Service Disk (IBM)
CSDCCode Segment Descriptor Cache
CSDGMContent Standard for Digital Geospatial Metadata
CSDNCircuit Switched Data/Digital Network
CSECustomer Suppoirt Engineer
CSEACyber Security Enhancement Act
CSFCatalyst Soot Filter
CSFCatalytic Soot Filter
CSFCompagnie Sans Fil
CSGConstructive Solid Geometry
CSGCrankshaft Starter Generator
CSGCrankshaft Starter-Generator
CSICommon Synchronous Interface
CSICompression and Spark Ignition
CSIComputer Security Institute, San Francisco, USA
CSICustomer Satisfaction Index
CSICComputer System Interface Circuit
CSICCustomer Specific Integrated Circuit
CSIDCalling Station Identifier
CSIPCompressed Sources IBM PC
CSLComputation Structures Language
CSLContext Sensitive Language
CSLIPCompressed Serial Line Protocol
CSMConcatenated Short Messages
CSMA/CACarrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Avoidance
CSMA/CDCarrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Detection
CSMA/CECarrier Sense Multiple Access/Collision Elimination
CSMPContinuous System Modelling Program
CSNCard Select Number
CSNCircuit Switched Network
CSNCustomer Service Number
CSNETComputer and Science Network, USA
CSOCentral Services Organization
CSOChief Strategy Officer / Chief Security Officer / Chief Sourcing Officer
CSOcheif security officer
CSPChip Scale/Size Packaging
CSPCommercial Subroutine Package
CSPCommunicating Sequential Process
CSPCompuCom Speed Protocol
CSPConstraint Satisfaction Problem
CSPCross System Product
CSPCryptographic Service Provider
CSPDNCircuit Switched Public Data Network
CSPPComputer Systems Policy Project
CSPWGComputer Security Policy Working Group
CSRCell Switch Router
CSRConti Safety Ring
CSRConti Sicherheits-Ring bzw. Conti-Safety-Ring
CSRControl and Status Register Management
CSRCComputer Security Resource Center
CSRG(Austin) Common Standards Revision Group
CSRGComputer Systems Research Group (Berkeley)
CSSCascaded/Cascading Style Sheet
CSSCentralized Structure Store
CSSCode Storage Segment
CSSCoded Switch Set
CSSComputer Scheduling System
CSSComputer Subsystem
CSSContent Scrambling System
CSSCritical Systems Support
CSSCross Site Scripting
CSSACold Start Spark Advance
CSSHCold Start Spark Hold
CSSLContinuous System Simulation Language
CSSMComputer Security Site Manager
CSSOComputer System Security Officer
CSSPCascading Style Sheet Positioning
CSTAComputer Supported Telephony Application
CSTACComputer Systems Technical Advisory Committee
CSTBComputer Science + Technology Board
CSTRComputing Science Technical Report
CSTSComputer Supported Telecommunication/Telephony Standard
CSUChannel Service Unit
CSUControl and Service Unit
CSVClient SMTP Verification
CSVComma Separated Values/Variables
CSWChannel Status Word
CTCall Transfer
CTChipcard Terminal
CTClock Time
CTComputer Technik/Telephony/Tomography
CTComputer Tomograf
CTCordless Telephone
CTANComprehensive TeX Archive Network
CTAVCold Temperature Actuated Vacuum
CTBCommunication Toolbox (Apple)
CTBComputer Based Training
CTCCornell Theory Center
CTCCControlled Torque Converter Clutch
CTCPClient To Client Protocol
CTCPECCanadian Trusted Computer Product Evaluation Criteria
CTCSSContinuous Tone Coded/Controlled Squelch System
CTDCell Transfer Delay
CTEACopyright Term Extension Act
CTFContrast Transfer Function
CTIComputational Testbed for Industry
CTIComputer Telephony Integration
CTIACellular Telecommunications Industry Association
CTLCTSS Command Language Controller
CTLCoal to Liquids
CTLComplementary Transistor Logic
CTLCorel Transactional Licensing
CTMClock and Tone Module
CTMCordless Terminal Mobility
CTNCorporate Telecommunication Network
CTOChief Technical/Technology Officer/Offices
CTOChief Technology Officer / Chief Technology Offices
CTOCoolant Temperature Override switch
CTOSCorporate Telecommunications and Office Systems
CTPComposite Theoretical Performance
CTPComputer To Plate
CTPCordless Telephony Profile
CTPACoax to Twisted Pair Adapter
CTRCommon Technical Regulations
CTRCurrent Transfer Ratio
CTS(EC) Conformance Testing Services
CTSCharge Temperature Switch
CTSClear To Send
CTSCommon Transport Semantics
CTSCommon Type System
CTSConti Tire System
CTSCoolant Temperature Sensor
CTSCooling temperature sensor
CTSCourier Time Server
CTSSCompatible/Cray Time-Sharing System
CTVSChoke Thermal Vacuum Switch
CTXContinously Variable Transaxle
CTYConsole Teletype
CUControl Unit
CUCustomer Use
CUACommon User Access (IBM)
CUACommonly Used Acronym
CUAComputer Users Association
CUCNCommunication Controller Node
CUGClosed/Closet User Group
CUICaptive/Consistent User Interface
CUICharacter/Common User Interface (IBM)
CUNYCity University of New York
CUPCommunications User Program
CUPCompetitive Upgrade
CUPSCommon UNIX Printing System
CURLCambridge University Robot Language
CUSIConfigurable Unified Search Index
CUSPCustomer Programming Language
CUSSNETComputer Use in Social Sciences Network
CUTControl Unit Terminal
CVClosing Velocity (Sensor)
CVCCCompound Vortex Controlled Combustion system
CVDCompact Video Disk
CVECollaborative Virtual Environment
CVECommon Vulnerabilities and Exposures
CVFCompressed Volume File (Microsoft)
CVGAColor Video Graphics Array
CVPCollaborative Virtual Prototyping
CVRControl Vacuum Regulator
CVSComputer Vision Syndrome
CVSConcurrent Versions System
CVSConstant Volume Sampling
CVSContinuous Volume Sampling
CVSDContinuous Variable Slope Delta (Modulation)
CVTContinuous Variable Transmission
CVTContinuously Variable Transmission
CVWCodeView for Windows (Microsoft)
CVWCollaborative Virtual Workspace (License)
CWCall Waiting
CWContinuous Wave
CWControl Word
CWICentrum voor Wiskunde en Informatica, Amsterdam
CWISCampus Wide Information System (Internet)
CWPCommunication Word Processor
CWSCollision Warning System
CWSConti Wheel System
CXICommon X Interface
CYKCocke-Younger-Kasami (-Algorithmus)
CYMKCyan Yellow Magenta Black (Farbmodell)
CZCetan Zahl
CaFCPCalifornian Fuel Cell Partnership
Cat, CATCatalysator oder Catalytic Converter
CfVCall for Votes
D-CATDiesel Clean Advanced Technologie
D2PCDynamic Two Phase Commitment
DACDaily Administrative Check
DACData Acquisition and Control
DACDesign Automation Conference
DACDigital Audio Copy
DACDiscretionary Access Control
DACDistributed Academic Computing
DACDual Attached/Attachment Component/Concentrator
DACSData Acquisition Control System
DACSData and Analysis Center for Software, DoD, USA
DACSDigital Access and Cross-connect System
DACTData Compression Technology
DANCCDomestic Area Network Coordination Centre
DAPCData Acquisition and Process Control
DARCData Radio Channel
DARCDeutscher Amateur-Radio Club
DATACOMData Communications
DATCDrake Authorized Testing Center (Novell)
DAVACSDoE Automated Visitor Access Control System
DAVICDigital Audio Video Council
DBCData Bus Controller
DBCDynamic Brake Controle
DBCESDynamic Bandwidth Utilization in 64 kBit/s Time Slot Trunking over ATM Using Circuit Emulation Services
DBCSDouble-Byte Character Set
DBIData Base Interface (Class)
DBVDeutsches Bücherverzeichnis
DCData Collection/Compression
DCDesign Change
DCDevice/Domain/Data Control
DCDirect Connect/Current
DCDirect Current
DCDistribution Center
DCDomain Controller
DCDublin Core (Metadata Element Set)
DCAData Center Administration
DCADefense Communications Agency, USA
DCADigital Computer Association
DCADistributed Communications Architecture
DCADocument Content Architecture
DCAFDistributed Console Access Facility (IBM)
DCAMData Communication Access Method
DCBData/Device Control Block
DCBDisk Coprocessor Board (Novell)
DCCData Communication Channel
DCCData Country Code
DCCDepartment Computer Coordinator
DCCDifferential Chain Code
DCCDigital Compact Cassette
DCCDirect Cilynder Control
DCCDirect Client to Client
DCCDisplay Combination Code
DCCADistributed Component Computing Architecture
DCCHDedicated Control Channel
DCCSDistributed Capability Computing System
DCDData Carrier Detect
DCEData Circuit/Communication Equipment
DCEData Collection Engine
DCEDigital Communications Experiment
DCEDistributed Computing Environment (OSF)
DCFData Communication Facility (IBM)
DCFData Compression Facility
DCFData Count Field
DCFDisengage Confirmation
DCFDistributed Coordination Function
DCFDocument Composition Facility
DCFLDeterministic Context Free Language
DCFLDirect Coupled FET Logic
DCIDisplay Control Interface
DCLData Center Linux
DCLData Communications Link
DCLData Control Language (SQL)
DCLDevice Clear
DCLDigital Command Language (DEC)
DCLDisc Change Line
DCLZData Compression Lempel Ziv
DCMData Communication Method/Multiplexer
DCMDigital Content Management
DCMDistributed Computing Model
DCMDual chip Module
DCMEDigital Circuit Multiplication Equipment
DCNAData Communications Network Architecture
DCOMDistributed Common/Component Object Model
DCOPDesktop Communications Protocol (KDE)
DCPData Collecting Platform
DCSData Collection/Control System
DCSDefined Context Set
DCSDesktop Colour Separation
DCSDiagnostic Communication System
DCSDigital Cellular (Telecommunication) System
DCSDistributed Computing/Control System
DCSDynamic Channel Selection
DCSPDynamic Constraint Satisfaction Problem
DCTDatabase Configuration Tool
DCTDiscrete Cosine Transform/Transformation
DCTLDirect Coupled Transistor Logic
DCUData Cache Unit
DCVDestination Coded Vehicle
DDBACData Design HBCI Banking Apllication Components
DDCDewey Decimal Classification
DDCDirect Digital Control
DDCDisplay Data Channel
DDCDistributed Data Coupling
DDCMPDigital Data Communication Message Protocol (DEC)
DDCSDistributed Database Connection Services (IBM)
DDFAData Communications and Terminal Controller Device File Access
DE-NICDeutsches Network Information Center
DECDevice Clear
DECDigital Equipment Corporation
DECNETDigital Equipment Corporation Network
DECTDigital European Cordless Telecommunication
DFCDamped Flywheel Clutch
DFCData Flow Control
DFCEDefense Control Element
DFICanonical Format Indicator
DGCDistributed Garbage Collection
DHCPDynamic Host Configuration Protocol (Internet)
DIDACDigital Data Acquisition + Control
DIRCDigital Inter Relay Communication
DISCODigital Secure Communication (Bosch/Ascom)
DISEQCDigital Satellite Equipment Control
DIXDigital Equipment Corporation, Intel, Xerox
DLCData Link Connector
DLCData Link Control (IBM)
DLCDigital Learning Center (Kodak)
DLCDigital Loop Carrier
DLCDown Line Control
DLCIData Link Connection Identifier
DLCXData Link Control Exchange
DLOCDelta Lines Of Code
DMACDirect Memory Access Controller
DMANDifferential Manchester (Coding)
DMCDigital Media Center
DMCDirect Memory Controller
DMCDistributed Management Chain
DMCADigital Millenium Copyright Act
DMFCDirect Methanol Fuel Cell
DNCDigital Noise Covering
DNCDirect/Distributed Numerical Control
DNCPDecnet Phase IV Control Protocol
DNCRIDivision of Networking and Communications Research and Infrastructure (NSF)
DNICData Network Identification Code
DNLCDirectory Name Lookup Cache
DNRCDomain Name Rights Coalition
DOCDiesel Oxidations Catalysator
DOCDissolved Organic Carbon
DOCDistributed Objects Computing
DOCPDAE Optimal Control Problem
DOCSDesignation of Other Coding System
DOCSISData Over Cable Service Interface Specification
DODCIDepartment Of Defense Computer Institute
DOHCDouble OverHead Camshaft
DOHCDual OverHead Camshaft
DPCDeferred Procedure Call
DPCDirect Program Control
DPCDisplay Controller
DPCMDifferential Puls Code Modulation
DPCTData Processing Control Transmittal Card
DQCBDistributed Queue Control Bus
DRCDynamic Ride Control
DRCSDynamically Redefinable Character Set
DRCVDistributor Retard Control Valve
DSDistribution Service (Cable TV)
DSCDigital Selective Call/Calling
DSCDirect Satellite Communications
DSCDirect Space Control
DSCDocument Structuring Comments/Conventions (Postscript)
DSCPDifferentiated Services Code Point
DSCSDefense Satellite Communications System, USA
DSDCData Segment Descriptor Cache
DSECTData/Dummy Control Section
DSRCDedicated Short Range Communication
DSTCDynamic Stability and Traction Control
DTCData Communications and Terminal Controller
DTCDesktop Communication
DTCDiagnostic Trouble Code
DTCDistributed Transaction Coordinator
DTCPDigital Transmission Content Protection
DVDelivery Verification (certificate)
DVCDigital Video Cassette
DVCRDigital Video Cassette Recording
DXCData Exchange Control
DXCDigital Cross Connect
E.c.English conditions (insurance) (Englische Bedingungen (Versicherung))
EACElectronic Air Control
EACEuropean Activities Committee
EACExact Audio Copy
EACExtended Access Control
EACEMEuropean Association of Consumer Electronics Manufacturers
EACVElectronic Air Control Valve
EANTCEuropean Advanced Networking Test Center
EATCElectronic Automatic Temperature Control
EBCEISA Bus Controller
EBCDICExtended Binary Coded Decimal Interchange Code (IBM)
EBCMElectronic Brake Control Module
EBCOTEmbedded Block Coding with Optimized Truncation
EC(1) European Communities, (2) Effektive Konzentration
ECEcho Cancellation
ECEducational Computer
ECElectromically Commutated
ECElectronic Cash/Commerce
ECEnd Chain
ECEuropean Community
ECEvolutionary Computing
ECExchange Carrier
ECExecutive Commitee
ECAElectronic Control Assembly
ECAEvent, Condition, Action
ECADelectronic Computer Aided Design
ECASExchange Card Architecture Specification
ECBElectronic Code Book
ECBSEuropean Committee for Banking Standards
ECCElliptic Curve Cryptosystem/Cryptography
ECCError Check/Correction Circuit/Code
ECCCElectronic Colloquium on Computational Complexity
ECCNExport Control Classification Number
ECCOSElectronic Card Catalog + Ordering System
ECCSElectronic Concentrated Control System
ECDElectron Capture Detector, Elektroneneinfangdetektor
ECDElectronically Controlled Deceleration
ECDEnhanced Colour Display
ECDLEuropean Computer Driving License
ECEEconomic Comission for Europe
ECFEnhanced Connectivity Facility
ECGElectronic Content Guide
ECHOEuropean Community Host Organisation
ECIEuropäisches Computer Informationszentrum, Bonn
ECIExternal Call Interface
ECLEmitter Coupled Logic
ECLExecution Control List
ECMElectronic Control Module
ECMEnhanced Coprocessor Mount
ECMEnterprise Content Management
ECMEntity Connection/Coordination Management
ECMError Correcting/Correction Mode
ECMAEuropean Computer Manufacturers Association
ECNExplicit Congestion Notification
ECOElectron Coupled Oscillator, Electronic Commerce Forum
ECODUEuropean Control Data Users Group
ECOOPEuropean Conference on Object Oriented Programming
ECPEnhanced/Extended Capabilities Port (Microsoft)
ECPExcessive Cross-Posting
ECPAElectronic Communications Privacy Act
ECREfficient Consumer Response
ECRCEuropean Computer Industry Research Centre
ECRITEmergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies
ECSEmbedded Computing System
ECSEncryption Control Signal
ECSEuropean Common Standard
ECSEuropean Communications Satellite
ECSEvaporation Control System
ECSIEuropean Custom Systems Integration
ECSSExalted Carrier Single Sideband
ECTEngine Coolant Temperature
ECTFEnterprise Computer Telephony Forum
ECUEISA Configuration Utility
ECUElectronic Control Unit
ECUEuropean Currency Unit (Europäische Währungseinheit)
ECVExhaust Control Valve
EDACError Detection And Correction
EDCElectronic Diesel Control
EDCEnhanced Data Correction
EDCError Detection Code
EDCFEnhanced Distributed Coordination Function
EDDCExtended Distance Data Cable
EDIFACTElectronic Data Interchange for Administration, Commerce and Transport (UN, DIN)
EDLCEthernet Data Link Control
EDOCEnterprise Distributed Object Computing
EDSACElectronic Delay Storage Automatic Calculator
EDVACElectronic Discrete Variable Automatic Computer
EECElectronic Engine Control
EECEvaporative Emission Controls
EECExtended Error Correction
EECSEvaporative Emissions Control System
EEVCEuropean Enhanced Vehicle Committee
EFACExtended File Access Control
EFCElectronic Feedback Carburator
EFCAElectronic Fuel Control Assembly
EFCIExplicit Forward Congestion Identification
EFISCEnhanced Fast Instruction Set Computer
EFRCEnhanced Full Rate CODEC
EGC(Inmarsat) Enhanced Group Call
EGMextraordinary general meeting
EGPCSEnvironment, GET, POST, Cookies, Server
EICAREuropean Institute of Computer Anti-Virus Research
EICTAEuropean Information, Communications + Consumer Electronics Industry Technology Association
EIESEuropean Information Exchange Service for the Communication between Harbour Areas
EINECSEuropean Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances
ELANCEnhanced Local Area Network Controller
ELCEmbedded Linux Consortium
ELCODEElectronic Code System
ELECEmbedded Linux Expo + Conference
ELFEXTEqual Level Far End Crosstalk
ELINCSEuropean List of Notified Chemical Substances
EMACEuropean Market Awareness and Education Committee
EMCElectromagnetic Compatibility
EMCExtended Math Coprocessor
EMEEarth - Moon - Earth (Connection)
ENCMMEthernet Network Control + Management Module
ENIACElectronic Numerical Integrator And Calculator
EOCEmbedded Operations Channel
EOCEnd Of Character/Conversion/Cycle
EPACEnhanced Perceptual Audio Coding
EPCElectronic Parts Catalogue
EPCElectronic Product Code
EPICElectronic Privacy Information Center
EPICExplicitly Parallel Instruction (Set) Computing
EPRCAEnhanced Proportional Rate Control Algorithm
EPSCSEnhanced Private Switched Communications Service
ERCEuropean Radiocommunication Committee
ERCEuropean Registration Centre
ERCExplicit Route Control
ERCExternal Relations Committee
ERCIMEuropean Research Consortium for Informatics and Applied Mathematics
ERESCEuropean Register of Stolen Computers
ERICEducational Resources Information Center, USA
ESC/IEpson Standard Code for Image Readers
ESCElectronic Spark Control
ESCElectronic Support Center/Centre
ESCEuropean Steady Cycle
ESCEuropean Support Center (Novell)
ESCDExtended Setup Configuration Data
ESCONEnterprise System Connection (Architecture) (IBM)
ESDCExtra Segment Descriptor Cache
ESOCEuropean Space Operation Centre
ESTSCEnergy Science + Technology Software Center
ETAestimated time of arrival
ETCEuropean Transient Cycle
ETRNExtended Turn (command)
EUCEnhanced/Extended UNIX Code
EUCIPEuropean Certification of IT Professionals
EUDCExtra Urban Driving Cycle
EUREKAEuropean Reasearch Coordination Agency
EVLElectronic Visualization Laboratory, Chicago
EVP-CDEuropäische Volkspartei - Christliche Demokraten (engl.: PPE)
EXFCBExtended File Control Block
EcuEuropean Currency Unit
Ffirst class (1. Klasse)
FAB(Chip) Fabrication Plant
FACFast Access Channel
FACFile Access Code
FACFinal Assembly Code
FACCHFast Associated Control Channel
FACLFull Access Control List
FACSFibronics Advanced Cabling System
FACTFederation Automatic Coding Technologies
FADCFast/Flash Analog to Digital Converter
FASCFuture of the Amateur Service Committee
FASICFunction- and Algorithm-Specific Integrated Circuit
FAXTFar End Crosstalk
FBCFeedBack Carburator system
FBCAFeedBack Carburator Actuator
FC-ALFiber Channel Arbitrated Loop
FCFederal Criteria
FCFibre Channel
FCFlip Chip
FCFlow Control
FCForward Checking
FCFrame Control
FCFuel Cell
FCAFibre Channel Association
FCAFuel Control Assembly
FCBFile Control Block
FCBFuture Communications Bus
FCCFederal Communications Commision
FCCFederal Communications Commission, USA
FCCFile Carbon Copy
FCCSETFederal Coordination Committee on Science, Engineering and Technology
FCDFinal Committee Draft
FCDFoundation for Communication for the Disabled
FCEVFuel Cell Vehicle
FCIAFibre Channel Industry Association
FCIFFull Common Intermediate Format
FCLFORTRAN Command Language
FCLCFibre Channel Loop Community
FCMFan Control Module
FCPFibre Channel Protocol
FCPGAFlip Chip Pin Grid Array
FCRForwarding Agents Certificate of Receipt (Spediteur-Übernahmebescheinigung)
FCRAMFast Cycle (Dynamic) Random Access Memory
FCSFibre Channel Standard
FCSFirst Customer Shipment
FCSFrame Check/Checking Sequence
FCSFuel Control Solenoid
FCSIFiber Channel Systems Initiative
FCTFast CMOS Technology
FCTFirewall Configuration Tool
FCVCFlow Controlled Virtual Channel
FDCFinal Committee Draft
FDCFloppy Disk Controller
FDOCAFormatted Data Object Content Architecture
FECFloating Electrode Capacitor Cell
FECForward Equivalence Class
FECForward Error Correction
FECNForward Explicit Congestion Notification
FEXTFar End Crosstalk
FFCFlexible Flat Cable
FGCFirst Global Commerce
FGDCFederal Geographic Data Committee
FINCENFinancial Crimes Enforcement Network
FIRFar Infrared Camera
FIRFast Infrared Communication
FIZ ChemieFachinformationszentrum Chemie
FLACFree Lossless Audio Codec
FLCFerro-electric Liquid Crystal
FLCFirst Level Cache
FLICFORTRAN Language for Industrial Control
FMCFlexible Manufacturing Cell
FMCFlight Management Computer
FMCWFrequency Modulated Continuous Wave
FNCFederal Networking Council, USA
FOCFiber Optic Cable
FOCFree Of Charge
FPCFlexible Printed Circuit
FPICField Programmable Interconnect Circuit
FPPFixed Path Control
FRCFull Rate Channel
FRCFunctional Redundancy Checking
FRCAFast Response Cache Accelerator
FRICCFederal Research Internet Coordinating Committee
FTCFax Transfer Centre
FTCFederal Trade Commission, USA
FTTCFiber To The Curb
G2CGovernment To Citizen
GABICOGanz billiger Computer
GACGlobal Assembly Cache
GACGovernment Advisory Committee
GBICGigabit Interface Converter
GC-ECDGaschromatographie mit Elektroneneinfangdetektor (electron capture detector)
GCGame Computer
GCGarbage Collection
GCGlobal Catalogue
GCGrid Computing
GCAGraphic Communications Association, USA
GCADGeographical Computer Aided Design System
GCCGNU C Compiler
GCCGNU Compiler Collection
GCCGeneric Conference Control
GCCGlobal Chassis Control
GCFGatekeeper Confirmation
GCIGeneral Circuit Interface
GCLGolden Common LISP
GCNGlobal Challenge Network
GCRGray Component Replacement
GCRGroup Coded Recording
GCTGate Controlled Thyristor
GDCGoetze Diamond Coating
GDPgross domestic product
GDTRCGlobal Descriptor Table Register Cache
GEGeneral Electric Company
GECOSGeneral Electric Comprehensive Operating System
GECPGlobal Environmental Change Programme
GFCGeneral/Generic Flow Control
GHCGlasgow Haskell Compiler
GILCGlobal Internet Liberty Campaign
GISCGeneric Intelligent System Controller
GMCGlobal Motion Compensation
GMSCGateway Mobile Switching Centre
GMTGreenwich mean time
GNPgross national product
GOCGeneral Operators Certificate
GPCGeneral Purpose Computer
GRACCEGrand Challenge Computational Environment
GREGeneric Router/Routing Encapsulation (CISCO)
GRIBGridded Binary (code, data format)
GSMGlobal System for Mobile Communications
GSOCGerman Space Operations Center
HACHierarchical Arc Consistency
HACHigh Availability Cluster
HACHill ? Control?
HACCPHazard Analysis Critical Control Points
HACMPHigh Availability Cluster Management Protocol
HACMPHigh Availability Cluster Multi-Processing (IBM)
HACSHazard Assessment Computer System
HALHeuristically programmed Algorithmic Computer
HARECHarmonized Amateur Radio Examination Certificate
HBCHome Banking Computer
HBCDCHigh Bandwidth Cellular Data Channel
HBCIHome Banking Computer Interface
HCHigh Compression
HCAHeartbeat Collision Avoidance
HCCIHomogeneous Charge Compression Ignition
HCCSMHigh Performance Common Channel Signalling Modul
HCIHost Controller Interface
HCIHuman Computer Interaction/Interface
HCLPHierarchical Constraint Logic Programming
HCNHierarchical Cache Network
HCPHost Configuration Protocol
HCSHeader Check Sequence
HCTHome Communication Terminal
HCUHydraulic Control Unit
HCVQHierarchical Classified Vector Quantization
HDB3High Density Bipolar Code of Order 3
HDBHigh Density Bipolar (code)
HDCHard Disk Controller
HDCHill Descent Control
HDCDHigh Definition Compatible Digital
HDCDHigh Density Compact Disk
HDCPHigh Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
HDCPHigh Definition Content Protection
HDCPHigh-Bandwidth Digital Content Protection
HDLCHigh Level Data Link Control (Protocol)
HDSCHigh Density Signal Carrier
HEAACHigh Efficiency Advanced Audio Coder/Coding
HECHeader Error Control/Check
HECTORHeterogeneous Computer Together
HFCHybrid Fiber Coax (Network)
HFCHydraulic Fading Compensation
HGCHercules Graphics Card/Controller
HHCHill Hold Control
HICHead Injury Criterion
HKSCSHong Kong Supplementary Character Set
HLHop Level (Flow Control)
HLCOHigh Low Close Open
HMACHash Message Authentication Code
HMCHardware Management Console
HMCHer/His Majestys Computer (Fun)
HNSHomogeneous Calculated Surfaces
HPCHandheld Personal Computer
HPCHead Performance Criterion
HPCHealth Professional Card
HPCHigh Performance Cluster/Computing
HPCAHigh Performance Computing Act
HPCCHigh Performance Computing and Communications
HPCIHigh Performance Computing Initiative
HPCRCHigh Performance Computing Research Center
HPCSHigh Performance Communication Server
HPQHewlett-Packard Compaq
HRCHalf Rate Channel
HRCHybrid Ring Control
HRCMenschenrechtsausschuß (Human Rights Committee)
HSCHigh Speed Channel/Connect
HSCSDHigh Speed Circuit Switched Data
HSRPHot Standby Router Protocol (Cisco)
HSSDCHigh Speed Serial Data Connection/Connector
HTCCHigh Temperature Cofired Ceramic
HTCPHyper Text Caching Protocol
HTPCHome Theater Personal Computer
HUCHandheld and Ubiquitous Computing
HVACHeating Ventilation and Air Conditioning
HVCHue (Farbton), Value (Helligkeit), Chroma (Buntheit)
HWCPHardware Code Page
HazChem CodeHazardous Chemicals Code
HelComHelsinki Commission (Schutz der Ostsee)
IACIdle Air Control
IACInterapplication Communication (Apple)
IACRInternational Association for Cryptologic Research
IAHCInternet International Ad Hoc Committee
IAMCEISDN Access Module Control Element
IBACIn Band Adjacent Channel
IBCIllinois Benedictine College (Gutenberg-Projekt)
IBCInter Base Component
IBCInternational Broadcasting Convention
IBCNIntegrated Broadband Communication Network
IBCS1Intel Binary Compatibility Specification Edition 1
IBOCIn Band On Channel
ICIncoming Call
ICInformation Centre
ICInput/Integrated Circuit
ICInstruction Cache
ICIntegrated Circuit
ICInterexchange Carrier
ICInterrupt Controller
ICAImage Component Attribute
ICAIndependent Component Analysis
ICAIndependent Computing Architecture
ICAIntelligent Channels/Console Architecture
ICAIntelligent Communication Adapter
ICAInterface Connector Assembly
ICALPInternational Colloquium on Automata, Languages and Programming
ICAMIntegrated Computer Aided Manufacturing
ICANIndividual Customer Access Network
ICANNInternet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organisation
ICAOInternational Civil Aviation Organization
ICAPIntegrated Computer Aided Production
ICAREInternational Council for Amateur Radio in Education
ICASInformation Communication Assistance System
ICASIntel Communicating Applications Specifications
ICBInterface Control Board
ICCInCar Computingsystem
ICCIntegrated Circuit Card
ICCIntelligent Channel Controller
ICCInternational Chamber of Commerce
ICCInternational Color Consortium
ICCInternational Conference on Communications
ICCBInternet Control and Configuration Board
ICCCInternational Conference on Computer Communications
ICCCMInterclient Communications Conventions Manual
ICCEInternational Conference on Consumer Electronics
ICCHPInternational Conference on Computers for Handicapped Persons
ICCSIntegrated Communications Cabling System (Siemens)
ICDInternal Camshaft Damper
ICDInternational Code Designator
ICDEInternational Conference on Data Engineering
ICEImage Correction and Enhancement
ICEIn-Circuit Emulator/Emulation
ICEInformation Content Exchange
ICEIntegrated Communication Environment
ICEInter Client Exchange (Protocol)
ICEInternal Combustion Engine
ICFInteract Communication Facility
ICFInternet Connection Firewall
ICGInterface Coordination Group
ICGInversive Congruential (random number) Generator
ICHI/O Contoller Hub
ICIInter/Interexchange Carrier Interface
ICIAInternational Communications Industries Association
ICLInterface Clear
ICMImage Color Management/Matching
ICMPInternet Control Message Protocol
ICNInformation and Communication Network
ICNIntegrated Computing Network
ICOIntermediate Circular Orbit
ICPInput Control Procedure
ICPIntegrated Channel Processor
ICPInternet Cache Protocol
ICPInternet Content Provider
ICRInformation Collection Request
ICRInitial Cell Rate
ICRIntelligent Character Recognition
ICRAInternet Content Rating Association
ICSIBM Cabling System
ICSIdle Control Solenoid
ICSIntegrated Communication Services
ICSInternet Chess Server
ICSInternet Connecting/Connection Sharing (Microsoft)
ICSIntuitive Command Structure
ICSAInternational Customer Service Association
ICTInformation and Communication Technology
ICTFInternet Content Task Force
ICTRInternationales Ruanda Tribunal (International Criminal Tribunal for Ruanda)
ICTYInternationales Jugoslawien Tribunal (International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia)
ICUISA Configuration Utility
ICUInstruction Cache Unit
ICUInternational Components for Unicode
ICVIntegrity Check Value
ICXInter Cartridge Exchange
IDCInternational Data Corporation
IDCInternet Database Connector
IDCItem Description Code
IDTRCInterrupt Descriptor Table Register Cache
IECInterexchange Carrier
IECInternational Electrotechnical Comission
IECInternational Electrotechnical Commission
IECInternational Engineering Consortium
IECCIntercultural E-mail Classroom Connections
IECQIEC Quality Assessment System for Electrical Components
IEEE/CSIEEE Computer Society
IEMMCInternet Electronic Mail Marketing Council
IEPRCInternational Electronic Publishing Research Centre
IFCIndustry/Internet Foundation Classes
IFCIntegrated Factory Control
IFCInternationale Finanz-Corporation
IGCInstitute for Global/Galactic Communications
IGCIntegrated Graphics Controller
IGRPInternet/Interior Gateway Routing Protocol (Cisco)
IICInter Integrated Circuit (Bus)
IJCAIInternational Joint Conference on Artificial Intelligence
IK-CAPEIndustriekooperation Computer Aided Process Engineering
ILECIncumbent Local Exchange Carrier
ILLIACIllinois Institute for Advanced Computing
ILLIACIllinois Integrator + Automatic Computer
ILSACInternational Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee
IMACSInternational Association for Mathematics and Computers in Simulation
IMCInternet Mail Consortium
IMDG-CodeInternational Maritime Dangerous Goods Code
IMTCInternational Multimedia Teleconferencing Consortium
INCIn Chain
INCInternet Computer
INCAInterleaved Native Compiled Architecture
INETInternational Networking Conference
INOCInternet Network Operations Center
IOCInput Output Controller
IOCSInput/Output Control System
IOCTLInput/Output Control
IOFEXTInput Output Far End Crosstalk
IOSInternetwork Operating System (CISCO)
IOUI owe you
IPCInstructions Per Clock
IPCIntegrated Passive Component
IPCInter Personal Computer
IPCInterprocess Communication
IPCAInternet Parallel Computing Archive
IPCPInternet Protocol Control Protocol
IPOCInterim Policy Oversight Committee
IPTCInternational Press Telecommunications Council
IPXCPInternetwork Packet Exchange Control Protocol
IRACIndpendent Review Advisory Committee
IRCInternational Record Carrier
IRCInternational Reply Coupon
IRCInternet Relay Chat
IRCOBIInternational Research Council On the Biomechanics of Impacts
IRICEIntegrated Remote Interface Control Element
IRPTCInternational Register of Potentially Toxic Chemicals
ISCIdle Speed Control
ISCInstruction Set Computer
ISCInternet Service Center
ISCAInternational Symposium on Computer Architecture
ISCBInteressengemeinschaft sehgeschädigter Computerbenutzer
ISIInformation Sciences Institute of the University of Southern California
ISRCInternational Standard Recording Code
ISSCCInternational Solid State Circuits Conference
ITACISDN Terminal Adapter Circuit
ITCIndependent Television Commission
ITCIntelliCAD Technology Consortium
ITCInternational Telegraph Code
ITCSIgnition Timing Control System
ITSECInformation Technology Security Evaluation Criteria/Certification
ITSTCInformation Technology Steering Committee
IVCAInternational Visual Communication Association
IXCInterexchange Carrier
JCAJava Connection Architecture
JCALSJoint Computer Aided Acquisition and Logistic Support System
JCBJob Conrol Block
JCCJava Competence Center
JCEJava Cryptography Extension
JCLJob Control Language (IBM)
JCPJava Community Process
JCSJob Control System
JCTJob Control Table
JDBCJava Data Base Connectivity
JDCJapanese Digital Cellular
JECCJapan Electronic Computer Center
JEDECJoint Electronic Devices Engineering Council
JFCJava Foundation Class
JICSTJapan Information Center of Science and Technology
JITJust In Time (Compiler)
JRCJoint Research Centre
JTCJoint Technical Committee (ISO/IEC)
JTSJet Thrust Stochiometric
JVNCJohn-von-Neumann (Super-Computer-) Center
KCKids Computer
KCCKeyboard Communications Concentrator
KCDKernel Cousin Debian
KCLKyoto Common Lisp
KCSKansas City Standard
KDCKey Distribution Center
KLOCKilo Lines Of Code
L.C.Letter of Credit (Kreditbrief, Akkreditiv)
L2CAPLogical Link and Control Adaptation Protocol
LACL2TP Access Controller
LACCLos Alamos Computer Code
LACPLink Aggregation Control Protocol
LAICSLos Alamos Integrated Communications System
LANCLocal Application Control Bus System
LANCLocal Area Network Control (Sony)
LAPDLink Access Procedure for the D-Channel
LARCLivermore Automatic Research Computer
LASICLaser Application Specific Integrated Circuit
LAVCLocal Area VAX Cluster
LBCLocal Bus Controller
LCLashing Capacity
LCLate Counter
LCLibrary of Congress, USA
LCLiquid Crystal
LCLive Camera
LCLocal Changes/Control
LCLow Compression
LCLower Case
LCALife Cycle Assessment
LCALogic Cell Array
LCALosely Coupled Architecture
LCCMLAN Client Control Manager
LCDLiquid Crystal Device/Display
LCDLiquid Crystal Display
LCFLAN Configuration Facility
LCFLightweight Client Framework
LCFLocation Confirmation
LCFLow Cost Fiber
LCGLarge Hadron Collider Computing Grid, CERN, Genf
LCGLinear Congruential (random number) Generator
LCHULow Cost Home User
LCILogical Channel Indentifier
LCIMLife Cycle Information Management
LCLless container load (keine volle Containerladung)
LCMLEAF Creation Method
LCNLocal Control Network
LCNLogical Channel Number
LCOMLack of Cohesion in Methods
LCOSLiquid Crystal On Silicon
LCPLink Control Protocol (Internet)
LCRLeast/Low Cost Router/Routing
LCRDLow Cost Removable Drive
LCSLinux Compatibility Standard
LCSLiquid Cooling System
LCSLiquid Crystal Shutter
LCSHLibrary of Congress Subject Headings
LCULast Cluster Used
LDCMLAN Desk Client Manager (Intel)
LDTRCLoad Descriptor Table Register Cache
LECLAN Emulation Client
LECLocal Exchange Carrier
LECSLAN Emulation Client/Configuration Server/Service
LICLogical Link Control
LICSLotus International Character Set
LIRCLinux Infrared Remote Control
LLC2Logical Link Control Class 2
LLCLogical Link Control
LLCLow Layer Compatibility
LMBCSLotus Multibyte Character Set
LMSCLAN/MAN Standards Committee (IEEE)
LNBLow Noise Block Converter
LNCLow Noise Converter
LNCSLecture Notes in Computer Science
LOCLibrary Of Congress, USA
LOCLines Of Code
LOCLoop On-Line Control
LOCISLibrary Of Congress Information System, USA
LPACLossless Predictive Audio Compression
LPCLinear Predictive Coding
LPCLocal Procedure Call
LPCLow Pin Count (Interface)
LRCLocal Register Cache
LRCLongitudinal Redundancy Check
LRPCLightweight Remote Procedure Call
LSCLeast Significant Character
LSCLive Sequence Chart
LTCLow Temperature Combustion
LTCCLow Temperature Cofiring Ceramic
LTCCLowTemperature Cofired Ceramic
LTDCLong Term Data Collection
LTSCLearning Technology Standards Committee
Ltdlimited company
M/PMonth after Payment (Zahlung nächsten Monat)
MACMachine Aided Cognition
MACMainframe Attachment Controller
MACMaintaining Arc Consistency
MACMandatory/Medium/Media/Memory Access Control/Controller
MACMembership Advisory Committee
MACMessage Authentication Check/Code
MACMulti Access Computer
MACMultiplexed Analogue Components
MACMultiply Accumulate/Accumulator (Command, Unit)
MACEMiddleware Architectural Committee for Education
MACFMandatory Access Control Framework
MACPMotion Adaptive Color Plus
MACSMixed Aloha Carrier Sense
MACSModem Access Control System
MACULMichigan Association of Computer Users in Learning
MADCAPMulticast Address Dynamic Client Allocation Protocol
MANManchester (Coding)
MANIACMathematical Analyzer, Numerical Integrator, and Computer
MAPICSManufacturing, Accounting and Production Information Control System (IBM)
MARBIMachine-Readable Bibliographic Information (Committee)
MARCMachine-Readable Cataloging/Code
MASCMulticast Address-Set Claim (Protocol)
MBCMulti Bit Cell
MCMaster Control
MCMicro Controller
MCMiniature Card
MCMobile Commerce/Communication
MCMoving Coil
MCMulti Carrier/Cast
MCMultipoint Controller
MCAMachine Check Architecture
MCAMicro Channel Architecture (IBM)
MCAMission Critical Application
MCAMotion Capture and Analysis
MCAMultiprocessor Communication Adapter
MCADMechanical Computer Aided Design
MCBMemory Control Block
MCBMulti Communication Bar
MCBSPMulti Channel Buffered Serial Port
MCCMamas Computer Club
MCCManchester Computing Centre
MCCMemory Cache Controller
MCCMicroelectronics and Computer Technology Corporation
MCCMission Control Center
MCCOIMultimedia Communications Community of Interest
MCDMad Computer Disease
MCDMini Client Driver
MCDAMicro Channel Developers Association
MCDSMail Channel Directory System
MCEMachine Check Exception
MCEManagement Communication Engine
MCEMedia Center Edition
MCFMOM Connector Framework (Microsoft)
MCFMeta Content Format
MCFCMolten Carbonat Fuel Cell
MCGAMulti Colour Graphics Adaptor/Array
MCGAMMIXER Conformant Global Address Mapping
MCHMemory Controller Hub
MCIMedia Control Interface
MCISMicrosoft Commercial Internet System
MCMMedia and Communication Management
MCMMulti Carrier Modulation
MCMMulti Chip Module
MCNMedia Catalogue Number
MCNMultiple Crossbar Network
MCNSMultimedia Cable Network System
MCOPManagement Coprocessor
MCOPMobile Connect One-time Password
MCOPMultimedia Communication Protocol (KDE)
MCPMacintosh Coprocessor Platform
MCPMaster Control Programm
MCPMedia and Communication Processor
MCPMicrosoft Certified Professional
MCPPMicrosoft Communications Protocol Program
MCRMinimal/Minimum Cell Rate
MCSMaster Control Station
MCSMenue Control Switch
MCSMission Critical Server
MCSMixture Control Solenoid
MCSMultinational Character Set
MCSMultipoint Communication Services/System
MCSEMicrosoft Certified Systems Engineer
MCSGMathematical and Computational Sciences Group
MCTMOS Controlled Thyristor
MCTManifold Charge Temperature
MCTMemory Controller
MCUMaster Control Unit
MCUMemory/Micro/Multipoint/Module Control Unit
MCUMicroprocessor Controlled Unit
MCUMinimum Coded Unit
MCUMulti Chip Unit
MCUMultipoint Conferencing/Control Unit
MCXMedia Center Extender
MDACMaster Data Acquisition and Control System
MDACMicrosoft Data Access Component
MDIXMedia/Medium Dependent Interface Crossed
MECNMobile Extended Corporate Network
MECSMazda Equipped Control System
MEPSMarine Environment Protection Committee
MESIModified Exclusive Shared Invalid (Cache)
MFCMainframe Computer
MFCMicrosoft Foundation Classes
MFCMultifunktionale Chipkarte
MGCMedia Gateway Controller
MGCPMedia Gateway Control Protocol
MHModified Huffman (Compression)
MIMultiple Instruction (Stream Computer)
MICMacro Interpretative Command
MICMedia Interface Connector
MICMemory In Cassette
MICMessage Integrity Check
MICMode Indicate Common
MICMultimedia Interactive Control
MICAModem ISDN Channel Aggregation
MICEMultimedia Integrated Conferencing for Europe
MICKMultimedia-Informations-Centrum Karlsruhe
MICRMagnetic Ink Character Recognition
MINCMultilingual Internet Names Consortium
MLCMulti Level Cell
MLRMulti-Channel Linear Recording
MMACMulti Media Access Center
MMCMIDI Machine Control
MMCMan Machine Communication
MMCMatched Memory Cycle
MMCMicrosoft Management Console
MMCMulti Media Card
MMCMulti Media Card/Commands
MMCDMultimedia Compact Disc
MMICMonolithic Microwave Integrated Circuit
MMPCMulti Message Package Chaffing
MMRModified Modified Read (Compression)
MMTCAMultimedia Toolbox for Cooperative Applications
MOCAMusic Online Competition Act
MODCAMixed Object Document Content Architecture
MOSCModified Original Smart Card
MPCMicrosoft Certified Professional
MPCSManufacturing Planning and Control System
MRModified Read (Compression)
MRCMagneto-Resistive Cluster
MRCCMaritime Rescue Coordination Center
MRCFMicrosoft Realtime Compression Format
MRCIMicrosoft Realtime Compression Interface
MSMicrosoft Corporation
MSCMain Service Channel
MSCMaritime Safety Committee
MSCMobile (Services) Switching Centre
MSCDEXMicrosoft Compact Disk Extensions
MSCHAPMicrosoft Challenge/Reply Handshake Protocol
MSCPMass Storage Control Protocol
MSCSMicrosoft Cluster Server/Services
MSFDCMicrosoft + First Data Corporation
MUCKMulti User Chat Kingdom
MULTICSMultiplexed Information and Computing Service
MUSICMultiple Signal Characterization/Classification
MUSICAMMasking Universal Subband Integrated Coding and Multiplex
MVCManual Volume Control
MVCMicro-Bit-Virus-Centrum, Karlsruhe
MVCModel View Controller (Smalltalk)
MVCMultimedia Viewer Compiler
MVCCMulti Version Concurrency Control
MVOCMicrobial Volatile Organic Compounds
MWCMirror Write Cache
MWCGMultiply With Carry (random number) Generator
MWCMMolecular Wire Crossbar Memory
N/Anot applicable
NACNetwork Admission Control
NACNetwork Analysis Corporation
NACNetwork Applications Consortium (USA)
NACNull Attachment Concentrator
NACANational Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (USA)
NACDNational Association of Computer Dealers
NACSNational Advisory Committee on Semiconductors
NACSNetWare Asynchronous Communication Server
NAECNovell Authorized Education Center
NBNota Bene (it is important to note)
NBCNational Broadcasting Compnay, USA
NBFCPNetBIOS Frames Control Protocol
NCNetwork Computer/Control
NCNewcastle Connection
NCNo Connection
NCNode Consistency
NCNumber Cruncher/Crusher
NCNumerical Control
NCANetwork Communications Adapter
NCANetwork Computer/Computing Architecture
NCAMNational Center for Accessible Media, USA
NCARNational Center for Atmospheric Research, USA
NCBNetBIOS Control Block
NCCNational Computing Centre
NCCNetwork Computer Client
NCCNetwork Control Center
NCCNetwork Coordination Centre (RIPE)
NCCUSLNational Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws
NCDNetwork Copy Detection
NCFNetwork Computing Facility
NCGANational Computer Graphics Association
NCINetwork Control Information
NCMTNumerical Control for Machine Tools
NCNNew Century Network
NCONumerically Controlled Oscillator
NCPNetWare Core Protocol
NCPNetwork Control Processor/Protocol/Program
NCPNot Copy Protected
NCQNative Command Queuing
NCRNational Cash Register Corporation, USA
NCSNASI Connection Service
NCSNatural Colour System
NCSNetwork Computer Server
NCSNetwork Computing System
NCSANational Center for Supercomputing Applications, USA
NCSANational Computer Security Association
NCSANational Customer Service Association
NCSCNational Computer/Computing Security Center
NCSINetwork Communication Services Interface
NCSLNational Computer System Laboratory
NCSTRLNetworked Computer Science Technical Reports Library
NDCNational Destination Code
NDCNormalized Device Coordinate
NECNational Electric Code (Kabel)
NECNippon Electric Company, Japan
NECNumerical Electromagnetics Code
NECCNational Education Computing Conference, USA
NECTARNetwork Computer Architecture
NEDCNew European Ddriving Cycle
NETCDFNetwork Common Data Form
NEXTNear End Cross Talk
NEXTNissan Exquisitely Tuned Combustion
NGSCBNext Generation Secure Computing Base
NGSCBFWNext Generation Secure Computing Base for Windows
NICNational ISDN Council
NICNetwork Information Center
NICNetwork Interface Card
NICANovell Integrated Computing Architecture
NICADNickel Cadmium (Akkumulator)
NICENetwork Information and Control Exchange (Protocol)
NIHCLNIH Class Library
NIPCNational Infrastructure Protection Center
NITCNational Information Technology Center
NLOCNetto Lines Of Code
NMCNetwork Management Center
NMCPNetwork Management Control Protocol
NMHCNon Methane Hydro Carbons
NMOSN-Channel MOS (Transistor)
NMVOCNon-Methane Volatile Organic Compound
NMVTNetwork Management Vector Command
NNSCNSFnet Network Service Center
NOCNetwork Operation Center
NOCNumber of Children
NORCNaval Ordnance Research Calculator
NPACINational Partnership for Advanced Computational Infrastructure
NPCNetwork Personal Computer
NRPC(Lotus) Notes Remote Procedure Call
NSCNational Support Center
NSCNetwork Security Controller
NSCNetwork Signon Coordinator
NSCNox Storage Component
NSCACENSC Auxiliary Control Element
NSICNational Storage Industry Consortium, USA
NSSNational Search and Rescue Secretariat, Canada
NSSDCNational Space Science Data Center, USA
NTCNational Telecommunications Conference
NTCNegative Temperature Coefficient
NTICNouvelles Technologies de la Information et de la Communication
NTSCNational Television Standards/System Committee, USA
NTTNippon Telegraph + Telephone Corporation, Japan
NVCNominal Voltage Calibration
NYPSCNew York Public Service Commission
OBCOnboard Computer
OC3Optical Carrier Level 3
OCOccupant Classification
OCOpen Control
OCOptical Carrier
OCOxidation Converter
OCAObject/Open Component Architecture
OCALAOpen Common Annotation Language
OCCOmas/Opas Computer-Club
OCCOperations Control Center
OCCOther Common Carrier
OCCCObfuscated C Code Contest
OCEOpen Collaborative Environment (Apple)
OCIObject Code Insertion
OCIOperational Cryptography and Interception
OCIOracle Call Interface
OCILOverdrive Cancel Indicator Light
OCLOperator/Operation Control Language
OCLCOnline Cataloging/Computer Library Catalog/Center
OCROptical Character/Curve Recognition
OCSOccupant Characterization System
OCSOverdrive Cancel Switch
OCSPOnline Certificate Status Protocol
OCTObject Code Translator
OCTDObservation, Conclusion, Temporary Data
OCTIOffice Central des Transports Internationaux par Chemins de Fer
OCVOil Control Valve
OCVOpen Circuit Voltage
OCXOLE Control Extensions
ODACOpen Document Architecture Consortium
ODBOffset Deformable Barrier crash
ODBCOpen Data Base Connectivity (Microsoft)
ODCOverdrive Circuit
ODCSOpen Distributed Computing Structure
OECDOrganisation for Economic Cooperation and Development
OECDOrganization for Economic Cooperation and Development
OFHCOxygen Free High Conductivity (Copper)
OFTCOpen and Free Technology Community
OHCOverHead Camshaft
OHCIOpen Host Controller Interface
OIDCObject Identifier Component
OII(European Commissions) Open Information Interchange (Service)
OLCOnline Computer
OLCOptical Link Card
OMAOpen Mobile Alliance/Architecture (Cabrio?)
OMCOperation and Maintenance Center
OMCROperation and Maintenance Center Radio
OMCSOperation and Maintenance Center Switch
ONCOpen Network Computing (Sun)
ONCSOpen Network Compute Server
OOCObject Oriented Concepts
OPACOnline Public Access Catalogue
OPBOn-Chip Peripheral Bus
OPCOLE for Process Control
OPCOptical Photo Conductor
OPCOptical Proximity Correction
OPCOutput Control
OPCATObject Process CASE Tool
OPECOrganisation of Pertol Exporting Countries
OPICOpen Programmable Interrupt Controller
ORACLEOptional Reception of Announcement by Coded Line Electronics
ORCOxidation Reduction Catalyst
OSACOrifice Spark Advance Control
OSACAOpen System Architecture for Controls within Automation Systems
OSCOn Scene Commander
OSCOpen System Center (IBM)
OSCOperating System Command
OSCAROrbiting Satellite Carrying Amateur Radio
OSCIOnline Services Computer Interface
OSINLCPOSI Network Layer Control Protocol
OTAUS Congress Office of Technology Assessment
OsParComOslo-Paris Commission (Schutz der Nordsee)
PApersonal assistant
PACPPTP Access Concentrator
PACPerceptual Audio Coding
PACPlayer Access Control
PACPrivilege Attribute Certificate
PACEPriority Access Control Enabled
PACIPartnerships for Advanced Comptutational Infrastructure
PACSPersonal Access Communication System
PACSPicture Archiving and Communications System
PACTPBX and Computer Teaming
PACXPrivate Automatic Computer Exchange
PAFCPhosphoric Acid Fuel Cell
PAKPolyzyklische Aromatische Cohlenwasserstoffe
PALCPlasma Addressed Liquid Crystal (Display)
PARCPalo Alto Research Center (Xerox)
PARISCPrecision Architecture Reduced Instruction Set Computer
PATCPage Address Translation Cache
PBDBMPeripheral Backup Detailed Billing Control Element
PBNACPort Based Network Access Control
PBNSCPeripheral Backup NSC Control Element
PCPath Consistency/Control
PCPersonal Computer
PCPervasive Computing
PCPrimary Channel
PCProgram Counter
PCProgrammable Controller
PCAParallel Channel Adapter
PCAPersonal Client Architecture
PCAPolicy Certification Authority
PCAPrincipal Component Analysis
PCBPrinted Circuit Board
PCBProgram Control Block
PCBCPropagating Cipher Block Chaining
PCCPapas Computer-Club
PCCPeoples Computer Company
PCCPortable C Compiler
PCCPredictive Cruise Control
PCCBPorsche Ceramic Composite Brake
PCCCPorsche Ceramic Composite Clutch
PCCHPhysical Control Channel
PCDPOSIX Conformance Document
PCDPhoto Compact Disc
PCDPlasma Coupled Device
PCDATAParsed Character Data
PCEPhase Change Erasable
PCFParallel Computing Forum
PCFPoint Coordination Function
PCHPaging Channel
PCIPeripheral Component Interconnect (Bus)
PCIPeripheral Component/Controller Interface
PCIProgrammable Communication Interface
PCIProtocol Control Information
PCIOSProcessor Common Input Output System
PCLPrimary Copy Locking
PCLPrinter/Procedure/Process Control Language
PCLANPersonal Computer Local Area Network
PCMPhysical Connection Management
PCMPlug Compatible Machine
PCMPorsche Communication Management
PCMPowertrain Control Module
PCMCIAPC Memory Card International Association
PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card Interface Adapter
PCNPersonal Communication Network
PCNFSPersonal Computer Network File System
PCPPosts Correspondence Problem
PCRPeak Cell Rate
PCRPhase Change Recording
PCRPiezo Common Rail
PCREPerl Compatible Regular Expression
PCSPersonal Communication Services/System
PCSPersonal Conferencing Specification
PCSPhysical Coding Signalling
PCSPinball Construction Set
PCSPort Concentrator Shelf
PCSPrint Contrast Signal
PCSProbabilistic Clock Synchronization
PCSProgram Control System
PCSProject Control System
PCSAPersonal Computing Systems Architecture (DEC)
PCSPPartial Constraint Satisfaction Problem
PCTPrivate Communication Technology
PCTEPortable Common Tool Environment
PCTSPOSIX Conformance Test Suite
PCVPositive Crankcase Ventilation
PCWPredictive Collision Warning
PCWGPersonal Conferencing Work Group
PDPhase Change Dual
PDCParkDistance Control
PDCPneumatische Dämpfer Controlle
PDCPower Disc Cartridge
PDCPrimary Domain Controller
PDCProgram Development Computer/Council
PDCHPhysical Data Channel
PDLCPolymer Dispersed Liquid Crystal
PECVPower Enrichment Control Valve
PEMFCPolymer Elektrolyt Membrane Fuel Cell oder Proton Exchange Membran Fuel Cell
PETPersonal Electronic Transactor (Commodore)
PFCPower Factor Compensation/Correction
PGCProgram Chain
PHCBPage Header Control Bit
PICPlatform for Internet Content
PICPosition Independent Code
PICPrimary Interexchange Carrier
PICPrior Informed Consent
PICPriority/Programmable Interrupt Controller
PICProgrammable Integrated Circuit
PICProgrammable Interrupt Controller
PICAPersonal Internet Client Architecture
PICMGPCI Industrial Computers Manufacturers Group
PICSPlatform for Internet Content Selection
PICSProtocol Implementation Conformance Statement
PICSProtocol Interoperability Conformance Statment
PIFSPoint Coordination/PCF Inter Frame Space
PIOParallel/Programmable/Programmed Input/Output (Chip)
PITACPresidents Information Technology Advisory Committee
PKCPublic Key Cryptography
PKCSPublic Key Cryptography Standards (Group)
PLCPacket Loss Concealment
PLCPower Line Communication/Converter
PLCProgrammable Logic Controller
PLCCPlastic Leadless Chip Carrier
PLCDPermanentmagnetic Linear Contactless Displacement Sensor
PLCEPeripheral and Loading Control Element
PLICProgrammable Logic Integrated Circuit
PMCPhysical Media Components Sublayer
PMCProgrammable Machine Controller
PMOSp-Channel MOS (Transistor)
PMSPantone Matching System (Colours)
PNCPaging Network Controller
PNCPPeripheral Network Control Point
POCPoint Of Contact
POCPolicy Oversight Committee (Internet)
POCPush-to-Talk Over Cellular (Phone)
POCEPantone Open Color Environment
POETPartially Overlapped Echo Cancelled Transmission
POSIPromotion Conference for OSI, Japan
POSIXPortable Operating System Interface for Computer Systems/UNIX
PPCPersonal Productivity Center
PPCPhysical Presence Command
PPCProduction Planning and Control
PPCSPhoenix Page Control System
PPRCPeer-to-Peer Remote Copy
PRpublic relations
PRAMParallel/Perimeter/Phase Change Random Access Memory
PRCSProject Revision Control System
PSCPhysical Signaling Components Sublayer
PSCPittsburgh Supercomputer Center
PSCProduct Service Center
PSCNProgram Support Communications Network
PSCTPolymer Stabilized Cholesteric Texture (Display)
PTCPositive Temperature Coefficient
PTCPositve Temperature Coefficient
PTMPPoint To Multi Point (Connection)
PTMSCPoint To Multipoint Service Centre
PTPPoint To Point (Connection)
PUCPublic Utility Commission
PVCPermanent Virtual Channel/Circuit/Connection
Plcpublic limited company
ProCProcess Coordinator
QBICQuery by Image Content
QCAQuantum-dot Cellular Automaton
QCBQueue Control Block
QCIFQuarter Common Intermediate Format
QICQuality Insurance Chain
QICQuarter Inch Cartridge/Committee
QLLCQualified Logical Link Control
QSDPCMQuadtree-strukturierte Differenz-Puls-Code-Modulation
QSIGUnified International Corporate Network Signalling Standard
QSNDQueue Send (command)
R & DResearch and Development
R.I.reinsurance (Rückversicherung)
RACRadio Amateurs of/du Canada
RACRemote Access Concentrator
RACEResearch And Development in Advanced Communication Technologies in Europe
RACERow-based ASCII Compatible Encoding
RACFResource Access Control Facility (IBM)
RACHRandom Access Cheannel
RACKSReusable Application Interface for Communicating Real-Time Kernels
RAMDACRandom Access Memory Digital Analog Converter
RBACRole Based Access Control
RBCRotary Blade Coupling
RBOCRegional Bell Operating Company
RCChina (Taiwan)
RCReaction Controller
RCReceive Common
RCReceiver Clock
RCReconfigurable Computing
RCRelease Candidate/Critical
RCReserve Capacity
RCRivest Cipher
RCRun Command
RCARadio Corporation of Amerika, USA
RCARipple Carry Adder
RCCRadio Common Carrier
RCCReduced Complexity Computer
RCCRemote Cluster Controller
RCCRescue Coordination Centre
RCCRouting Control Center/Channel
RCDRecordable Compact Disc
RCDATAReplaceable Character Data
RCERevision Control Engine
RCEVHResearch Centre for the Education of the Visually Handicapped
RCFRegistration Confirmation
RCLKRack Clock
RCPReality Immersion Coprocessor
RCPRetransmission Control Procedure
RCSRecord Communication Switching System
RCSResource Construction Set
RCSRevision Control System
RCSRights Control System
RDCReifenDruck Control
RDCRemote Dual Copy
RDCCGRegional Data and Computing Center Germany, Karlsruhe
REACHRegistration, Evaluation, and Authorization of Chemicals
RFCRemote Function Call
RFCRequest For Comments (Internet)
RFCResponse For a Class
RFCrequest for comments
RHCRegional (Bell) Holding Company
RHCERed Hat Certified Engineer
RICRadio Identify Code
RICoInternationale Ordnung für die Beförderung von Containern
RISCReduced Instruction Set Code/Computer
RISCReduced Instruction Set Computer
RLCRadio Link Control
RLCRun Length Coding
RLFSRückLaufFreies KraftstoffversorgungsSystem
RNCRadio Network Controller
ROCRestricted Operators Certificate
ROHCRobust Header Compression
RPCRadio Paging Call
RPCRegional Playback Control
RPCRemote Procedure Call
RPCRoot Path Cost
RPELPCRegular Pulse Excited Linear Predictive Coder
RSReed Solomon (Code)
RSACRecreational Software Advisory Council
RSBACRule Set Based Access Control
RSCRoll Stability Control
RSCSRemote Spooling and Communications Subsystem
RSCTMRoll Stabilility ConTrol Modul
RSCVRoute Selection Control Vector
RSPRequired Space Character
RSPCReed Solomon Product Code
RSPCWSRoyal Society for the Prevention of Cruelties to Web Surfers
RSSACRoot Server System Advisory Committee
RSVPrepondez s'il vous plait (please reply)
RTCReal Time Clock
RTCReseaux Telphoniques Commutes
RTCReturn To Control
RTCARadio Technical Commission for Aeronautics
RTCMRadio Technical Commission for Maritime Services
RTCPRealtime Transport Control Protocol
RTECSRegistry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances
RUCReservation Upon Collision (Scheme)
RXCReceive Clock
SACSelf Adjusting Clutch
SACSingle Attached/Attachment Component/Concentrator
SACSpecial Area Code
SACSyntax-based Arithmetic Coding
SACCHSlow Associated Control Channel
SACDSuper Audio Compact Disk
SACEADMSystem Auxiliary Control Element Administration
SACECPSystem Auxiliary Control Element Common Pair
SACEMSociete des Auteurs Compositeurs Editeurs de Musique
SACNETSecure Automated Communications Network
SACTSPARC Application Conformance Toolkit
SAICShanghai Automotive Industrie Corporation
SARCSymantec Antivirus Research Center
SARCOMSearch And Rescue Communication
SATSiemens Adaptive Transmission control
SBCSCSI Block Commands
SBCSensotronic Brake Control
SBCServer Based Computing
SBCSingle Board Computer
SBCSubband Codec
SBCSSingle Byte Character/Command Set
SBR1Statistical Bit Rate Configuration 1
SCSCSI Stream Commands
SCSecondary Channel
SCSend Common
SCSequential Consistency
SCSmart Card
SCStorage Compatibility
SCSubscriber Channel (Sonnector)
SCTime Stamp Counter
SCASecurity Control and Audit
SCASingle Connector Attachment
SCADASupervisory Control And Data Acquisition
SCAMSCSI Configured Automagically
SCARTSyndicat des Constructeurs de Appareils Radio Recepteurs et Televiseurs
SCBSubsystem Control Block
SCCSCSI Controller Commands
SCCSaab Combustion Control
SCCSafety Concept Car
SCCSatellite Control Center
SCCSerial Communication Controller
SCCSmall Card Clearing
SCCSpark Control Computer
SCCSpecialized Common Carrier
SCCSpontaneous Computer Combustion
SCCStandards Coordinating Committee (IEEE/CS)
SCCSynchronous Channel Check
SCCPSignal/Signalling Connection Control Port
SCCSSource Code Control System
SCCSSouthern California Computer Society
SCDStandard Color Display
SCDStructured Charts Diagram
SCEService Creation Environment
SCFService Control Function
SCFSystem Control Facility
SCIScalable Coherent Interface
SCIStrategic Computing Inititative
SCLMSoftware Configuration Library Manager (IBM)
SCMSelected Communication Mode
SCMSoftware Configuration Management
SCMSupply Chain Management
SCMSwitch Control Module
SCMLSpectrum Cataloging Markup Language
SCMSSerial Copy Management System
SCNSwitched Circuit Network
SCNSystem Change/Commit Number
SCO(The) Santa Cruz Operation, Inc.
SCOStructured Complex Object
SCOSynchronous Connection Oriented
SCOSSingle Copy Object Store
SCPService Control Point
SCPSession Control Protocol
SCPSubsystem Control Port
SCPCSingle CHannel Per Carrier
SCPIStandard Commands for Programmable Instruments
SCRSelektiv Catalytisches Reduktionsverfahren
SCRSilicon Controlled Rectifier
SCRStandard Context Routing
SCRSustainable/Sustained Cell Rate
SCSSNA Communication Service
SCSSecondary Clear to Send
SCSSystem Communication Services
SCSASignal Computing System Architecture
SCSISmall Computer Systems Interface
SCSLSun Community Source Licensing
SCSPServer Cache Synchronization Protocol
SCSSIService Central de la Securite des Systemes de Information
SCSUStandard Compression Scheme for Unicode
SCTPStrem Control Transmission Protocol
SCUSensor & Control Unit
SCUSystem Control Unit
SDSecure Digital (Card)
SDSuper Density (Compact Disk)
SDCSecondary Domain Controller
SDCSecure Digital Card
SDCService Description Channel
SDCCHStand Alone Dedicated Control Channel
SDLCSoftware Development Life Cycle
SDLCSynchronous Data Link Control (IBM)
SDSCSan Diego Supercomputer Center, USA
SDXCSynchronous Digital Cross Connect
SECSingle Error Correction
SECStandard Ethernet Controller
SECAMSequentiel Couleur Avec Memoire
SECBRSeverely Errored Cell Block Ratio
SECCSingle Edge Connector/Contact Case/Connector
SEDSurface-conduction Electron-emitter Display
SFCSystem File Checker
SGCSCSI Graphic Commands
SHKWSchwerflüchtige Halogenkohlenwasserstoffe
SISimple Interface (Cray to UNIX)
SICStandard Industrial Classification
SICStandard Industry Code
SICASSemiconductor International Capacity Statistics
SILCSecure Internet Live Conferencing
SIPCSimple Integrated/Interactive Personal Computer
SIRSerial Infrared Communication (Hewlett-Packard)
SJCCSpring Joint Computer Conference
SLACStanford Linear Accelerator Center
SLCSecond Level Cache
SLCSynchronous Link Control
SLEDSoftware Life Cycle Experience Database (DACS)
SLOCSource Lines Of Code
SMASub Miniature Assembly (Connector)
SMCSecure Messaging Card
SMCCSun Microsystems Computer Corp.
SMDCServer Management Daughter Card
SMSCShort Message Service Center
SMSCBShort Message Service Cell Broadcast
SNACPSNA Control Protocol
SNCPSingle Node Control Point
SNCPSystem Services Control Point
SNCSSecure Network Computer Server
SOCState of Charge
SOCSystem On a Chip
SOFCSolid Oxid Fuel Cell
SOHCSingle OverHead Camshaft
SOLAS(International Convention for the) Safety Of Life At Sea
SPCSCSI Primary Commands
SPCSmall Peripheral Controller
SPCStatistical Process Control
SPCStored Program Control
SPCSub-Process Control
SPECStandard Performance Evaluation Corporation
SPICESimulation Program with Integrated Circuit Emphasis
SPOCSearch And Rescue Point Of Contact
SQCIFSub Quarter Common Intermediate Format
SRCSampling Rate Converter
SRCSystem Resource Controller
SRMASplit-Channel Reservation Multiple Access
SRUCSplit Reservation Upon Collision
SSCCSerial Shipping Container Code
SSCFService Specific Coordination Function
SSCOPService Specific Connection Oriented Protocol
SSCPSystem Services Control Point/Program
SSCSService Specific Convergence Sublayer
SSDCStack Segment Descriptor Cache
SSECSelective Sequence Electronic Calculator (IBM)
SSFDCSolid State Floppy Disc Card
STStraight Tip (Connector)
STCSet Top Computer
STCSubtechnical Committee (ETSI)
SVCSaab Variable Compression
SVCSupervisor Call
SVCSwitched Virtual Call/Channel/Circuit/Connection
SVCCSwitched Virtual Channel Connection
SVCDSuper Video Compact Disc
SVNSubversion (a Version Control System)
TACTerminal Access Control/Controller
TACThermostatic Air Cleaner
TACTransparent Audio Coding
TACType Approval Code
TACASTerminal Access Controller Access System
TACISTechnical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States - Technische Hilfe zugunsten der Neuen Unabhängigen Staaten der ehemaligen Sowjetunion und der Mongolei
TACSTotal Access Communications
TAGCTag Close Delimiter
TAOCPThe Art Of Computer Programming (D. Knuth)
TBCTime Base Corrector
TBTTributyltin compounds
TCTechnical Committee/Corrigendum
TCTotal Carbon, Technical Committee
TCTransform Coding
TCTransmission Control/Convergence
TCTreatment Code
TCTrust Center
TCATelecommunications Carrier Association
TCATightly Coupled Architecture
TCATomographic Combustion Analysis
TCATraffic Conditioning Agreement
TCAPTransaction Capability Application Part
TCBTrusted Computer/Computing Base
TCCTorque Converter Clutch
TCCCIEEE Technical Committee on Computer Communications
TCCSToyota Computer Controlled System
TCETrailer Central Electronics
TCETransmission Control Element
TCFTransparent Computing Facility
TCFSTransparent Cryptographic File System
TCGTrusted Computing Group
TCHTraffic Channel
TCITag Control Information
TCLTool Command Language
TCMTerminal Controller Module
TCMTime Compression Multiplexing
TCMTrellis Code Modulation
TCMPTightly Coupled Multiprocessor System
TCNSThomas Conrad Networking System
TCOTjänstemännens Centralorganisation (Sverige)
TCOTotal Cost of Ownership
TCOSIEEE Technical Committee on Operating Systems
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol
TCP/IPTransmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol, TCP/IP (Internet)
TCPTape Carrier Package
TCPTeX Code Page
TCPTransmission Control Protocol/Program (Internet)
TCPATime of Closest Point of Approach
TCPATrusted Computing Platform Alliance/Architecture
TCQTagged Command Queuing
TCRTelephone Conversation Record
TCSTerminating Call Screening
TCSTraction Control System
TCSTransmission Controlled Spark
TCSBTraffic Control State Block
TCSECTrusted Computer System Evaluation Criteria (Orange Book)
TCTThe Coroners Toolkit
TCUTelematic Communacations Unit
TCUTransmission Control Unit
TCWTagged Control Word
TDACTime Domain Aliasing Cancellation
TDCTop Dead Center
TDCTransparent/Tranportation Data Channel
TDCCTransportation Data Coordinating Committee
TDXTime Domain Crosstalk
TECOTape/Text Editor and Corrector
TFCTraffic Channel
TICThermal Ignition Control
TICToken Ring Interface Coupler
TIRPCTransport Independent Remote Procedure Call
TMCTraffic Message Channel
TMRCTech Model Railroad Club
TNCTerminal Node Controller
TNPCTaiwan New PC Consortium
TOCTable Of Content/Contents
TOCTechnical Operation Center
TOCTotal Organic Carbon
TOEICTest of English for International Communication
TP0Transport Protocol Class 0 (OSI)
TP4Transport Protocol Class 4 (OSI)
TPCTransaction Processing/Performance Council
TPCTransmit Power Control
TRTravan Cartridge
TRACTelecommunications Recommendations Application Committee
TRCTone Reproduction Curve
TRECText Retrieval Conference
TSCTime Stamp Counter
TSCTransport Scrambling Control
TSSDCTask State Segment Descriptor Cache
TSWTCMTime Sliding Window Three Colour Marker
TTCANTime Triggered Communications Area Network
TVCTransient Virtual Channel
TVOLTV Online Cable Service
TWSCTeam World Service Center
TWXTwinax (Cable)
TXCTransmit Clock
UACUnbalanced Asynchronous Class
UBCUnified Buffer Cache
UBCUniversity of British Columbia
UCUbiquitous Computing
UCUniversal Code
UCUpper Case
UCAIDUniversity Corporation for Advanced Internet Development
UCARUniversity Corporation for Atmospheric Research
UCBUniversity of California at Berkeley, USA
UCCUnified Chassis Control
UCDUniform Call Distributor
UCEUnsolicited Commercial Electronic Mail
UCFUnregister Confirmation
UCFSUnix Connectivity File Service
UCITAUniform Computer Information Transaction Act
UCLUndersteering Control Logic
UCLUniversal Communications Language
UCLUniversity College London
UCLAUniversity of California at Los Angeles, USA
UCLAFUnité de coordination de la lutte anti-fraude - Stelle zur Koordinierung der Maßnahmen zur Betrugsbekämpfung
UCOUnstructured Complex Object
UCSUniform Chromaticity Scale
UCSUniversal Card Slot
UCSUniversal Character Set (ISO 10646)
UCSBUniversity of California at Santa Barbara, USA
UCSCUniversity of California at Santa Cruz, USA
UCSDUniversity of California at San Diego, USA
UCSFUniversity of California at San Francisco, USA
UDCUser Defined Command
UDLCUniversal Data Link Control
UDLIUnified Design Language for Integrated Circuits, UDL/I
UECUser Environment Component
ÜChemÜberwachungsgemeinschaft Chemieanlagen-Betreiber e.V.
UHCIUniversal Host Controller Interface
UICUser Identification Code
UN-ECEUnited Nations Economic Commission for Europe
UNCUnbalanced Normal Class
UNCUnique/Universal Naming Convention
UNCUniversity of North Carolina, USA
UNCEDUnited Nations Conference on Environment and Development
UNHCRUN-Hochkommissariat für Flüchtlinge
UNICOMUniversal Integrated Communication System
UNICOREUniform Interface to Computing Resources
UNICOSUNIX-based Cray Operating System
UNIVACUniversal Automatic Computer
UNRWAHilfswerk der Vereinten Nationen für Palästinaflüchtlinge im Nahen Osten
UPCUniversal Printer Controller
UPCUniversal Product Code
UPCUsage/User Parameter Control
URCUniform Resource Characterictics/Citation
USCUnder Steering Control
USCUniversity of Southern California
USCGUnited States Coast Guard
USDCUS Display Consortium
USOCUniform Service Order Code
UTCUnicode Technical Committee
UTCUniversal Time Coordinated
UTFUniversal character set Transformation Format
UTMAUltra Thin Client Multiple Access
UUCPUNIX to UNIX Copy Program/Protokoll
V24V.24(CCITT-Norm für eine serielle Schnittstelle)
VACVolts Alternating Current
VACMView-based Access Control Model
VADCGVancouver Amateur Digital Communications Group
VAFCVESA Advanced Feature Connector
VASCOMValue Added Services Network Communication
VATvalue added tax
VCVirtual Call/Circuit/Channel/Connection/Container
VCAVoltage Controlled Amplifier
VCCVirtual Channel Connection
VCCViscous Converter Clutch
VCCIVoluntary Control Council for Interferences
VCDVideo Compact Disc
VCDVirtual Communications Driver
VCEGVideo Coding Experts Group
VCFVoltage Controlled Filter
VCIVerband der Chemischen Industrie
VCIVirtual Channel Identifier/Indicator
VCKVirtueller Campus Karlsruhe
VCLVideo Coding Layer
VCLVirtual Channel Link
VCLVisual Computing Library
VCLFVirtual (host) Common Logfile Format
VCMVirtual Channel Memory
VCOVoltage Controlled Oscillator
VCPIVirtual Control Programm Interface
VCRVideo Cassette/Conference Recorder
VCSVirtueller Campus Schweiz
VCSVirus Control System
VCSELVertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser
VCSIPVideotex Communication System for Information Providers
VCUVoice Communication Unit
VCXVirtual Component Exchange
VDCVehicle Dynamic Control
VDCVirtual Device Coordinates
VDCVolts Direct Current
VDCWVerband der Deutschen Content Wirtschaft
VGCVideo Graphics Controller
VHDCIVery High Density Cable Interconnect
VHSICVery High Speed Integrated Circuit
VICVehicle Intelligence Center
VICVideo/Voice Interface Card/Controller
VINCEVendor Independent Network Control Entity
VIPvery important person
VISCVideo Instruction Set Computing
VJVan Jacobsen (Compression)
VJHCVan Jacobsen Header Compression
VLBVerzeichnis lieferbarer Bücher
VLCVariable (word) Length Code
VLCVariable Valve Lift Control
VLSICVery Large Scale Integration Circuit
VMCVESA Media Channel
VMSCVisited Mobile Switching Centre
VNCVirtual Network Computing
VOCVolatile Organic Compound
VOCVolatile Organic Compounds
VPCVery Personal Computer
VPCVirtual Path Connection
VPCVirtual Personal Computer
VRCVertical Redundancy Check
VRCViewing Reference Coordinate
VRCVirtual Route Control
VRCAVirtual Reality Center Aachen
VRCBVirtual Route Control Block
VSCVehicle Stability Control
VSCVoice Security Card
VSMSCVirtual Short Message Center
VTCVertical Transistor Cell
VTCVideo Teleconference Center
VTCOVirtual Terminal Control Object
VTECVariable valve Timing and lift Electronic Control
VTOCVolume Table Of Contents
W3CWorld Wide Web Consortium
WACWide-open throttle Cutoff
WACSWireless Access Communications System
WARCWorld Administrative Radio Conference
WATTCWorld Administrative Telegraph and Telephone Conference
WBCWeb Based Communication
WBCWide Band Channel
WCWorkgroup Computing
WCWorld Coordinate
WCWorst Case
WCAGWeb Content Accessibility Guidelines
WCCPWeb Cache Coordination Protocol
WCDMAWideband Code Division Multiple Access
WCEWrite Cache Enable
WCMSWeb Content Management System
WCPWorst Current Practice
WCPNWireless Customer Premises Network
WCSWritable Control Store
WCTWIPO Copyright Treaty
WFMCWorkflow Management Coalition
WICWireless Indoor Communication
WNICWAN Interface Coprocessor
WPCWearable Personal Computer
WPCWorld Petroleum Congress
WWCWorld Wide Computing
WZCWireless Zero Configuration
XCBPXML Common Biometric Format
XCHSExtended Cylinders, Heads, Sectors
XCMDExtended Mode Command (Apple)
XCMDExternal Command
XDCSX/Open Distributed Computing Services
XDMCPX11 Display Manager Control Protocol
XPCross Point
XPCX11 Performance Characterization Group
XPFECross Platform Front End
XRCExtended Remote Copy
XREFCross Reference List
XSCExtended Scientific Calculation
XTCLKExternal Transmit Clock
YUV(Farbmodell: Luminanz Y, Chrominanzwerte U, V)
ZACZero Administration Client
ZCAVZone/Zoned Constant Angular Velocity
ZCLVZone/Zoned Constant Linear Velocity
ZCMLZope Configuration Markup Language
ZCRZero Channel RAID
ZCTZero Count Table
ZISCZero Instruction Set Computer
a.m./am/A.M./AMante meridiem (before noon)
a/ca conto, account (Rechnung)
a/cair conditioned
a/oaccount of (on behalf of)
ancsactive noise control system
attnfor the attention of
bbHbauartbestimmte Höchstgeschwindigkeit
c.a.d. (c/d)cash against documents (Zahlung gegen Dokumente)
c.a.f.cost, assurance, freight included (Kosten, Versicherungsprämie, Fracht eingeschlossen) before delivery (Vorauszahlung)
c.c.closed cup, Flammpunktbestimmung mit geschlossenem Tiegel
c.i.f. & c.cost, insurance, freight & commission (Kosten, Versicherungsprämie, Fracht + Kommission)
c.i.f.cost, insurance, freight included (Kosten, Versicherungsprämie, Fracht eingeschlossen)
c.i.f.c. & i.cost, insurance, freight, commission & interest (Kosten, Versicherungsprämie, Fracht, Kommission + Zinsen)
c.o.d., codcash on delivery (Zahlung bei Lieferung)
c.o.s. (C.O.S.)cash on shipment (Zahlung bei Verschiffung)
c.p. (cge.paid)carriage paid (Transport bezahlt)
c.t.conference terms (Konferenzbedingungen)
c/wcommercial weight (Handelsgewicht)
caCoeffizient Auftrieb ??
cccopy to
ccwcounter clockwise
cf, c.f., c & fcost and freight (Kosten und Fracht)
ch.ppd.charges prepaid (Transportkosten vorausbezahlt)
codcash on delivery (Zahlung bei Lieferung)
court.Courtage (Maklerkosten)
cwCoeffizient Widerstand ??
d.i., c& icost and insurance (Einstandspreis und Versicherung)
ePCAelectronic Pneumatic Clutch A???
etcet cetera as can as customery (so schnell wie platzüblich) of charge (frei von Kosten)
fclfull container load (volle Containerladung) est (that is)
lbpound (weight)
n.c.normally closed
p.a.per annum
p.m./pm/P.M./PMpost meridiem (after noon) scriptum
p.w.per week
ptoplease turn over
rewith reference to
s.a.e.stamped addressed envelope
u.c.usual conditions (übliche Bedingungen)
£pound (money)

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